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Easy crochet cardigan patterns free!

Lovely crochet cardigan patterns for any level and any season.

Crochet cardigans are, in my opinion, the most essential part of any wardrobe, for several reasons.

They are perfect for layering and comfortable to wear, even for people who don’t like wool touching their skin.

Pin now, make later…;-)

Love making crochet cardigans that fit your style? In this list you'll find 35 free crochet cardigan patterns to choose from.

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You can grab one and go at any season. Summer? Get a short-sleeved one (or a shawl, ok).

Spring and autumn? Get a duster type of one or any lightweight cardigan.

Winter? Get the most chunky crochet cardigan you can find in your closet. It’s going to be fine.

Crochet cardigans are usually easy to make, with simple construction and a little bit of sewing.

How to crochet a cardigan pattern

Crochet cardigans are usually made in pieces and then sewn together. You basically make some rectangles, a back and two front panels, and the sleeves.

But, there are also exceptions in this structure. There are raglan or yoke-style cardigans, and cardigans made out of squares or hexagons.

Crochet cardigan patterns can be easy and “boring” or exciting and fun! Choose the construction that best fits your level and your personal style.

I used the word “boring” in quotes above, for lack of a better word to plainly explain the basic rectangle construction.

Believe me, any crochet cardigan pattern you try, won’t be boring. Crocheting keeps us occupied while having fun, so excuse me for not being able to find a better word. My English needs some updating.

Crochet bag patterns to match with your cardigan:

The Ava bag is a big, sturdy bag for everyday wear. The Japanese knot bag can double as a handbag or a small project bag, and finally, the perfect market bag to go shopping with.

Best yarn for crochet cardigans

Acrylic is always a good choice if you plan on washing/wearing something a lot. But it also depends on the season.

Cotton yarn would be perfect for a spring/summer cardigan, while wool and acrylic would be better suited for an autumn/winter cardigan.

Personal preference has always to be accounted for, as some people can’t stand wool on their skin, while others stay away from acrylic yarn.

Is it hard to crochet a cardigan?

Well, yes and no. In my opinion, someone who is just starting out and learning how to crochet shouldn’t start with a garment.

It’s not that garments can’t be easy enough for a beginner to make. It’s just that it takes lots of time, and effort, plus an initial startup cost to make a whole crocheted cardigan sweater.

On the other hand, as I explained above, cardigans are usually made of panels, which means that you will basically be making some rectangles and then sewing them together.

That could be excellent practice for new stitches while also getting the feeling that you have accomplished something as you finish one panel after the other.

If you feel you have a couple of projects under your belt, like some dish towels, scarves, and blankets, I would go for it!

More free crochet patterns you may like:

From left to right: The Freya dish towel, bunny wooden teether, and the Rustic hot pad. You may also check out my other patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.

What is the best stitch for a crochet cardigan?

Don’t get me started talking about crochet stitches, I could go on all day. Again there’s no right or wrong.

Choose simple basic stitches if you are a beginner or want to show off the qualities of your yarn.

Go for a textured look for a more muted yarn color or if you want to show off your skills/practice new stitches.

Choose nice lacy stitches for a short-sleeved summer cardigan, and denser stitches like single or half double crochet for the colder months.

Let my words above be a guideline and draw inspiration from the list below of all the wonderful women’s cardigan patterns.

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What length should a cardigan be?

There are so many lengths to choose from in a cardigan, so it can best fit you and your wardrobe. We have from floor length duster cardigan to knee length, tunic, cropped, and everything in between.

There’s no right length to a crochet cardigan pattern, as long as it fits your style, mood, and aesthetic. Also, you can always make more than one cardigan to find the best dimensions that are perfect for you and your body.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our long list of crochet cardigan patterns. Or, you can watch this short video if you decide to crochet something at the same time.

Free crochet cardigan patterns

35 of the most amazing and free crochet cardigan patterns for every season.

Choose your own, today!

What do you say? Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.

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Judy Thomas

Friday 16th of February 2024

The Patchwork Cardigan; Thank you!


Thursday 29th of February 2024

The crochet pathcwork cardigan is a lovely choise!

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