How to make a diy yarn bowl – crochet pattern and tutorial

Yarn bowl crochet pattern and tutorial.

Owning a yarn bowl is always useful! I know most of us think that there are just another pretty addition to our addiction, but let me tell you otherwise. If you were ever crocheting on your couch and you had your yarn rolling around the house, only to collect dust, guess what. There is actually a way to stop that from happening. Yarn bowls!

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How to make a ridge in crochet

How to make a ridge in crochet using half double crochet stitches and crocheting in the third loop only.

Making a ridge in crochet is a very easy technique that can be performed in two different ways with different results. A ridge is a visible line which separates -or better- gives an accent to a certain area of a finished crochet piece.

I have found this technique to be very useful in basket making and it is actually the one I used for my oval baskets. Another use of it is in baby shoes and slippers in general, or, in anything you want to create a bottom that will lay flat and not curve on the sides.

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How to crochet the mini bean stitch in the round

How to crochet mini bean stitch in the round with photo tutorial


There are some stitches that are only worked in rows, in order to produce the result they are supposed to. One of them is the mini bean stitch. It is the one I used a little while ago for my espresso cup cozy. Today I will show you how to achieve the exact same result and make the mini bean stitch in the round. Read more