How to crochet a market bag – free pattern

A new way to look at crochet produce bags. A crochet market bag with a vintage stitch and modern aesthetic!

I have always struggled with summer items and cotton yarn and this crochet produce bag was no different. And I have made quite a few things in the past with cotton, especially when I was selling on markets.

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Super simple crochet slouchy hat pattern

Super simple crochet slouchy hat for the modern maker. If you have half an hour to spare, you will have a hat!

I made these hats to sell a few years ago when I was still selling physical items on Etsy. I wanted a really simple design, with lots of texture -of course- and absolutely no shaping.

Something really loose and comfortable to put on a bad hair day and look like a badass.

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What is pattern testing? How to become a crochet pattern tester!

Crochet pattern tester post

Wanna know all the tips and tricks to become an awesome crochet pattern tester? Keep reading…

When I first send a newsletter to my list and asked if someone wanted to pattern test for me, I got a lot of emails asking me what is a pattern tester. Something that was so obvious to me and encountered in my everyday life, wasn’t the same at all for many people.

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Crochet baby blanket pattern – Finnegan blanket

Easy and full of texture crochet baby blanket pattern.

Meet the newest addition to my crochet baby blanket pattern collection, the Finnegan blanket. This crochet baby blanket was brought to life by my hands and the lovely people at Lovecrafts, who they kindly provided the yarn.

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