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Chunky crochet shawl pattern – Thule

Huge chunky crochet shawl pattern for the ice-cold weather.

Sometimes you just need to go big in order to go home. What do I mean by that? That some climates require you to wear big and heavy garments in order to be able to walk outside.

Whether it’s the freezing temperatures, the cold wind, or you just want to wear a statement piece with today’s outfit, I’ve got you.

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Make a chunky crochet shawl with this easy crochet pattern.

The Thule is an oversized bulky triangle shawl that you can make in no time.

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Made with super bulky yarn and an 11.50 mm crochet hook, this crochet triangle shawl is huge!

It’s not only the yarn and hook that make this bulky crochet scarf, well, bulky. It’s also the stitch used.

bulky crochet shawl

To make this oversized crochet shawl you are going to use a stitch called yo-sl st (yarn over slip stitch), which I have personally used in lots of my patterns.

It’s really easy to make, but if you are more of a visual learner I have a video tutorial for you, here.

This stitch is one of my favorites because it produces such a nice knit-like ribbing effect, and it can be dense and stretchy at the same time.

When this stitch is used with such a thick yarn it makes an extremely big winter shawl, perfect for colder weather.

How to style a chunky crochet shawl

You can wear the Thule shawl two ways. Either as a big triangle scarf in the front and around your neck or as a shawl on your back.

When outside I always prefer to wear my triangle shawls in the front and around my neck. They look great with jackets and also keep my neck warm.

chunky crochet shawl

I can even lift it up to my nose if I don’t want to inhale the really cold winds.

But, when inside, I always flip my shawls to my back. They are keeping my back warm and I have free space in front of me to do my chores or crochet.

This bulky crochet shawl is perfect to wear on your back because of the tube-like edge. It sits really nicely on your shoulders providing a grip that doesn’t slide off. You’ll get to see it a little later on.

chunky crochet triangle shawl

Thick yarn crochet patterns

In the selection above pictured are: The Aberdeen shawl, the Ava bag, and the Make-A-Hug cowl.


Crochet hook: US P/11.50 mm
Large yarn needle
Tassel maker (optional)

Yarn: Super bulky #6, James C. Brett, Rustic Mega Chunky or Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.

Dimensions: 26”x 76” (66 x 193 cm) with the ties, or 26” x 46” (66 x 117 cm) for the main triangle part.

Gauge: 7 sts x 7 rows in pattern is 4”

Yardage: approximately 350 yds (320 m)

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– All my patterns are written in Standard US terms.
– Keep your slip stitches loose while crocheting.
– The entire project is worked in the back loop only.


R: row
WS: wrong side
RS: right side
ch(s): chain(s)
yo-sl st: yarn over slip stitch
st(s): stitch(es)
inc: increase
blo: back loop only

How to get the Thule crochet shawl pattern:

There are multiple ways for you to enjoy this crochet pattern.

  • If you are interested in the free version, scroll down below.
  • You can get the premium ad-free pdf with a print-friendly version on EtsyRavelry, or Lovecrafts. Or…
  • You can sign up for my exclusive Members Area where you can get the entire Malloo pattern library for one small yearly fee. Enjoy crocheting from the comfort of your couch and never have to worry about paying full price for every premium pdf pattern. Click the image below to be pleasantly surprised.

Alternatively, if you are a visual learner you may watch the full video tutorial, below:

Free crochet chunky shawl pattern

R1 (WS): ch 4, yo-sl st in the second chain from the hook and in all chs across, ch 1, turn (3)
R2 (RS): (in blo for all sts, here and throughout the pattern) inc, yo-sl st, inc, ch 1, turn (5)
R3: inc, yo-sl st in all sts until 1 st remains, inc in last st, ch 1, turn (7)
R4-43: repeat R3

At the end of R43, you will have 87 stitches. Cut the yarn and turn your project to the right side.

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R1: ch 30, connect yarn in the back loop of the first stitch of your shawl and continue sl st in blo until the end of the row, ch 31, turn (148)
R2: sl st in blo in each st across, ch 1, turn (147)
R3-5: repeat R2

Turn your project and do not cut the yarn. You are going to use your crochet hook and yarn to sew the edging rows into a tube. Follow the photo tutorial below or watch the video.

If you are going to sew with a yarn needle, cut the yarn by leaving a really long tail. If you are going to use your crochet hook, carry on.

In the last row, chain 1 and form a tube from the tie with your hands. Insert the hook under 1 loop of the bottom part of the tie and 1 loop of the upper part. Yarn over and pull through all loops at once like a regular slip stitch.

Continue in the same way across.

This is what the main part of the shawl looks like when you are done with the tube.

When you reach the end you can place one more slip stitch or sew the open part of the ties, as shown in the photo below. Fasten off and weave in all ends. You are done!

crochet chunky shawl ties
crochet ties for a shawl

Optional step: Make a tassel and hang it on the point of your shawl. You can use a tassel maker like this one, or simply make a tassel with the help of a rectangle cardboard or a notebook.

In the video tutorial for the chunky crochet shawl, above, I also filmed a tutorial for the tassel using a notebook.

Skip to 10:36 (the appropriate chapter) if you only want to learn how to make a tassel.

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The Thule is a bulky oversized crochet triangle shawl pattern that looks a lot like it's knitted.

It's an easy crochet pattern and you can find it as a free written pattern on my blog or a video tutorial.

Well, what do you think? Do you like big chunky shawls like this one or do you prefer more lightweight ones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.