Easy knit triangle shawl pattern – The Ponderosa

Textured knit triangle shawl

Timeless and elegant, easy knit triangle shawl.

I know that the weather is getting warmer in our part of the world but I was trying all winter to come up with a triangle shawl that I would like and… nothing! I had this beautiful yarn in my stash for a long time now and I knew I had to make something out of it. It was a shame to just lay there on my shelves doing nothing.

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Clivia knit shawl-We are knitters kit

Clivia knit shawl

Beautiful knit shawl kindly provided as a kit by We are knitters.

I recently received a knit kit for a beautiful shawl from We are knitters. If you don’t know what a kit includes, let me explain. By purchasing a kit you will get at your doorstep a paper bag with all the things you need to make an item.

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