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Christmas crochet hand towel – free pattern

Christmas crochet hand towel with a Nordic twist.

Are you ready to start your Christmas crochet? What? No? But it’s already November!

Ok, let’s start nice and simple. How about a crochet hand towel that will help your kitchen also feel appropriately dressed for the occasion.

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Have you ever wanted to infuse a touch of Nordic charm into your kitchen? This free crochet dish towel pattern will win you over with its simplicity and sophistication.

The contrasting stripes on a white towel echo the clean lines and understated elegance that define the Scandinavian design.
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That is when your guests are going to arrive for the traditional Christmas dinner. You can hold on to the crochet ornaments just yet if you like.

But a crochet dish towel is always handy and one can never have too many of them. Plus, crochet hand towels make excellent hostess gifts.

Christmas crochet hand towel pattern

They are small in size, can be made in a couple of hours max and they are so practical!

Did I mention that crochet dish towels are great for you to use all those extra yarn scraps you have from other projects?

This time I went for an elegant Nordic feel, clean lines, favorite stitches, and lots of squeeze factor.

That’s right! The Freya hand towel has an excellent drape and you won’t let go of your hands easily. It’s lovely both to look at but also to touch.

Christmas crochet hand towel

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Best yarn for crocheted hand towels

The yarn I always recommend using is cotton. It’s soft, absorbent and durable. Also, natural and friendly for your skin. What else can you ask of a yarn?

I chose to work with a brand that’s easily accessible to me, but any worsted weight cotton yarn will do for this project.

free crochet hand towel pattern

I used the Drops Paris for the Freya crochet dish towel in the colors off white (17), grey (23), and red (37), but you could easily substitute for We Crochet’s Dishie yarn or Lion Brand’s 24/7 cotton.

What stitch to use for a crochet dish towel?

If you have been more than a minute in this blog you have probably noticed that I love slip stitches. I have created multiple patterns with different variations of them.

From my famous Adorable Pumpkins to the Aberdeen Shawl, to the Japanese Knot Bag, and more… I love them!

crochet dish towel pattern

I love the effect they create and how they feel on your hands. It’s also super easy to create texture that looks like knitting with them. This is another one of my favorite things about them.

The stitch I used for this Christmas crochet project is called yarn over slip stitch (yo-sl st). It’s basically like a normal slip stitch with an extra yarn over just before you enter your crochet hood in the designated place.

easy crochet hand towel

The fact that it’s only worked in the back loop only of every stitch on all rows, creates this stunning knit-look effect.

It’s very easy to learn and master this technique, but if you want something visual, go watch this small video on how to make the yo-sl st.

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Worsted weight cotton yarn in 3 colors. Pictured here are off-white, grey, and red.
US H/5.00 mm crochet hook
Yarn needle

crochet hand towel

Gauge: 16 sts x 12 rows is 4” in pattern

Yardage: Approximately 110 yds/100 m of color A (off white), 54 yds/50 m of color B (grey), and 23 yds/25 m of color C (red).


– All my patterns are written in standard US terms.

How to get this Christmas crochet hand towel pattern

  • If you are looking for the free crochet pattern, please visit Nana’s Crafty Home. She was kind enough to let me be a guest designer on her blog, so the free crochet pattern will forever live there.
  • If you want the pdf with no ads and for easy printing in my new layout, please purchase in any of my shops, in the buttons below. Or…

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How do you feel about my color selection for a Christmas theme? Would you make your Freya hand towel in the same colors or go the traditional way?

Let me know in the comments below.

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How do you feel about non-traditional Christmas decor? Escape the red-green and white and elevate your aesthetic with a Nordic appeal.

Make this Christmas crochet dish towel in cooler tones and the clean lines that define the Scandinavian design.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.