Hi, my name is Lou and I am a self-taught crocheter and a newbie knitter. Although my mother taught me the basics of knitting when I was a child, I didn’t pick up my needles again only after I learned how to crochet as an adult.

I first started crocheting in 2012 and immediately fell in love with it and started writing my own patterns. This blog is my creative outlet to share free patterns, with the new or more experienced crocheter, and all the projects in my busy mind that I could not share otherwise in my handmade business.

When I was starting out, free crochet patterns was my go-to source. I didn’t want to invest in something that I was unsure If I could make. Now, I am hooked! Give me all the patterns in the world! Free, paid, I really don’t care. I want to try them all! This is the place that I want to give back to all of those people that are coming after me on this new adventure. I like to make new crocheters feel confident enough to try everything they like.


You can contact me at:

instagram: malloo.knitwear
pinterest: mallooknitwear
facebook: Malloo
e-mail: hello@mallooknits.com



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  1. I have just completed my very first crochet item. A single crochet dish cloth. I have sat in the wings for months watching all of the beautiful creations being posted. Three days ago, I watched a you tube on single crochet. I watched it repeatedly and frogged repeatedly until I got it right. I am so excited. My next project will be a dblc dish cloth and then I will do one with both stitches in it. The possibilities are endless from there. I am a lefty and follow the group on there for left handed crocheters. But, now, I am not intimidated and the sky is the limit. Thanks for letting me rattle on.

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