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Crochet dolls free pattern roundup

Welcome to Day 3 of the 7 days of freebies! Today is all about crochet dolls! They are also called amigurumi in the crochet language. I tried to find the softest and cuddliest crochet dolls out there. Take a look and tell me what you think!

You can find the rest of the series here: I will be adding the links every day as the posts get published.

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Crochet dolls free pattern roundup. This is day 3 of the 7 days of freebies series.

Follow me to discover all the adorable crochet dolls for your little one! Click the pink title link to get to the free pattern.

1. Sleeping dog Sonia

One of the cutest cuddly toys I have seen. Made with super soft yarn, this big sleeping dog will chase the nightmares away! Free crochet pattern by Amiguroom toys.

2. Primrose crochet dolls

I don’t think that I have all the right words to explain just how beautiful these dolls really are. Every little girls’ dream, including me! Free crochet pattern by All About Ami.

3. Big Hello Kitty

I still remember the time when I was young and the Hello Kitty craze! I don’t think that craze has passed completely. Find this free crochet pattern on Ravelry by Ella D. Design.

4. Harriet the Hippo

Who said that all hippos are boys and ugly? This is one is called Harriet and she is adorable! Free crochet pattern by Jess Huff.

5. Ragdoll Dumbledore

Any Harry Potter loving parent would love to have this one for her house. Free crochet pattern by Spin A Yarn Crochet and surprise-surprise, there are more Harry Potter ragdoll characters on her blog!

6. Sweet bear

Another free crochet pattern by Amiguroom toys and this time is a ballerina bear. Look at how cute she is!

7. Classic stuffed bunny

Yes, it is classic, and it is also something I can picture a kid dragging around everywhere in the house and outside. Find the crochet pattern at One Dog Woof.

7. Raccoon amigurumi pattern

With this, different than usual, crochet technique make this cute little raccoon for your little one to cuddle. Free crochet pattern by Craft Passion.

I hope you enjoyed our little crochet dolls free pattern roundup. Stay tuned for the rest of the freebies!

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Saturday 28th of March 2020

how do i acess the free printable tags ? Thank You.


Thursday 2nd of April 2020

You should have gotten an email from me. Please check your spam folder, too.

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