Crochet baby toys free pattern roundup

Welcome to Day 6 of the 7 days of freebies! We are getting closer to the end and this time we have more crochet toys but we are not limited to dolls. In this blog post, you will find crochet rattles, puzzles, and farm animals!

You can find the rest of the series below. I will be adding the links every day as the posts get published.

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Day 6: Crochet baby toys
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Crochet baby toys free pattern roundup. This is day 6 of the 7 days of freebies series.

Follow me to discover some unusual crochet baby toys! Click the pink title link to get to the free pattern.

1. Star ball

Based on the traditional Amish puzzle ball, you will have lots of fun making this star ball and your little one playing with it! Free crochet pattern by Look At What I Made.

2. Borromean rings

Not exactly a toy but it definitely could be! Borromean rings are a knot (in the mathematical sense) where the three rings cannot be separated even though no two rings are linked. Isn’t that interesting?

3. Giraffe rattle

You may find it a little difficult to read this pattern but I think it is totally worth it! These are so cute! Crochet pattern by Mayra.

4. Hyero, Corina & Gentry

Hello, ragdoll farm animals! Stop buying plastic and make these for your child! Free crochet pattern by The C’s of life.

UPDATE 22/01/2019: Brittany just gave each one of these patterns their own post, so just click on each name on the title to get the specific crochet pattern.

5. Crafty pumpkin rattle

A crochet rattle, with autumn colors and amazing texture! Your little baby is going to love this one! Free crochet pattern by A Crafty Concept.

6. Fish rattle

Cute and colorful, I bet you will have a hard time deciding the colors for your little fish! The crochet pattern is by Anne Bank Nielsen on Ravelry.

7. Crochet Amish puzzle ball

And here is the original crochet Amish puzzle ball, of course, brought to you by Look At What I Made, as a free crochet pattern.

I hope you enjoyed our little crochet baby toys free pattern roundup. Stay tuned for the rest of the freebies! We are almost at the end!

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