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The ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Has anyone in your family ever said to you that you are hard to shop for? If yes is the answer, then this gift guide is for you. Well, not you exactly, but you are responsible to get this list to the right person. Whether this person is your husband, fiance, mother, aunt, significant other…

You could, for example, casually leave this page open, when the said person happens to pass by your computer. Or you can pin the image below to Pinterest and say “Look what I found”. Or just blatantly send them an email and stating the things you liked most. If the latter doesn’t do the trick, I have no idea what will

Pin this image for later… 😉

The ultimate christmas gift guide for crocheters. You can find inside everything a crocheters heart will ever need. From crochet hooks yarn and kits to jewelry and stocking stuffers!

I have compiled a list of things that all crocheters will love or need. Tried to include items for different budgets, from stocking stuffers to “whoa, I can’t believe you got me this!”. My intention was also to include as many makers as I could. The community of crafters is so amazing and we believe in supporting each other and small businesses in general.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t include everyone I wanted and these are just recommendations of people I have met online and love. Both for who they are and what they do for the community, besides their awesome products and I would be very proud to call them friends.

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that I may get a small commission if you buy something through my link, at no extra cost to you.

The ultimate christmas gift guide for crocheters. You can find inside everything that a crocheters heart will ever desire!

The ultimate gift guide list

1. Yarn

Why no one ever thinks about that? My own mother has never thought about it, although she constantly sees me with at least one ball of yarn in my bag. It is so simple and so obvious. Yarn, people!

I will not talk about brands because there are too many and too lovely to choose one over the other. What you can do is visit that holds a respectable amount of yarn brands and have something delivered to your door in no time! They offer worldwide shipping.

If you want something fancier you can purchase yarn from an indie dyer. Two of my personal favorite are listed below.

Hello Stella

“Hello Stella Fibres offers a variety of hand dyed yarn from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.  Several bases, collections and an exciting 12 Days of Christmas box are currently being dyed up for a thrilling holiday season!”

Hello Stella hand dyed yarn | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Autumn and indigo

“Autumn and Indigo Fibers is a delectable offering for the fiber enthusiast. Extremely soft and squishy to boot, each skein is one you won’t want to put down. Colors range from neutral and barely there, to vivid and full of life. Choose from fingering, sport, or DK and make your next project, one of a kind.”

Autumn and indigo hand dyed yarn | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

2. Project bags

If you usually crochet smaller items like socks and amigurumi or you like to take your crochet with you everywhere, you need a project bag -or two.  😉

Pearadise Island

“Handmade project bags by Pearadise Island. Minimal + timeless to let the true star of the show shine – the yarn! Made in Canada.”

Pearadise island linen project bag | ultimate gift guide for crocheters


“I want my bags to be aesthetically pleasing and made with good quality fabrics because crafty people are the best and deserve nice looking, practical and durable accessories.”

Manakori handmade project bag | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

3. Totes

But even if you like larger projects, these two have got you covered!

Our maker life

“The OML tote bag is an essential carry-all made in a classic two-tone cotton, large and cozy enough to take all your yarn and maker projects on the go.”

Our maker life tote bag | ultimate gift guide for crocheters


“The perfect tote to carry around all of your handmade goodies that goes hand in hand with the project you are working on. Measured at 16″h x 15″w, this tote will quickly become your favorite companion for all of those maker supplies.”

Ozetta but first coffee and crochet tote bag | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

4. Mugs

We all know when you work all day you need a little fuel in your system. Whether you choose coffee, tea or hot chocolate you can never have too many mugs.

Joy of motion

“The Crochet Everyday Mug is a must for any crocheter. It’s a great crochet themed mug to get your dose of coffee or tea & while crocheting. Because who doesn’t recognize themselves in the saying “Crochet Everyday”?”

Joy of motion crochet everyday mug | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Ford explorer knits

“We all know the stereotype behind makers and their love of coffee (or caffeine in general) so why not lean in and add one more mug to your beautiful collection of coffee-holding drinkware?!”

Maker life mug | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

5. Badges

State your love for your craft by wearing one of these badges. Great addition to your tote, also!

TL yarn crafts

“Crafty Badges are the original handmade pins for boss babes! Designed, punched, and packaged by Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts, these pins help you proclaim your craftiness. Badges are the perfect gift packaged individually or in custom 3-packs.”

Crafty badges by TL yarn crafts | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Maple and rose

“All items are made in my home studio. The pins are laser engraved and made from birch plywood.”

Crochet all day pins | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

6. Stitch markers, row counters and other essential

Stitch markers can be adorable or just practical. A girl can never have too many, as we always lose them!

Stitch markers

Maple and rose

“Those stitch markers are solid walnut, laser engraved and hand painted.”

Cute sheep stitch markers | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

7. Yarn swifts

Remember those beautiful hand-dyed skeins of yarn? You will need a helping hand to convert your skeins into balls, and here comes the yarn swift.

Yarn swift | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

And a yarn ball winder.

Yarn ball winder knit picks | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

8. Crochet hooks

Adze woodcraft

“My work is inspired by the forms of the past, my work is my work but I can’t help but be affected by the awesome connections between ancient civilizations and the now.”

Hand made crochet hooks adzewoodcraft | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Bqueen Collection

“We believe the crochet experience is not just about enjoying what you’ve made, but to enjoy the process of making. We handcraft wood crochet hooks with custom features to match the personality of the crocheter, made from 100% natural materials in a comfortable ergonomic design and adorned with unique “crown” tops.”
Bqueen collection crochet hooks | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

9. Yarn bowl

Furls crochet

“Handmade out of gorgeous Acacia wood, Furls Yarn Bowls are the perfect way to nestle and care for your skeins. Working through a yarn bowl keeps your skein from bouncing, rolling, tangling, and gathering the dust from other household surfaces.”

Furls yarn bowl | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

10. Gift cards on favorite yarn company

Not sure exactly what the recipient might like or want? A gift card is always a great solution. It won’t be the same as something you have handpicked yourself but you’re playing it safe. All major yarn companies, craft stores, online craft stores have them. Pick your favorite!

11. Notebooks-planners for patterns

We all have many wip (work in progress) and have to keep track of them!

This notebook has it all! Daily tasks, to do list, habit tracker, weekly goals… you just have to remember to write them down!

Crochet planner notebook | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

You can carry this handy little notebook around in your purse and take notes for whatever project comes to mind.

Crochet planner | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

12. Crochet hook sets

A set of crochet hooks are always welcome, especially if they are so beautiful!

Knitpro symphonie crochet hooks set of 5 | ultimate gift guide for crocheters


Or maybe this one would make a great gift for a beginner, with almost anything needed from crochet hooks to stitch markers, all into one cute leather bag.

Crochet hook set | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

13. Cool scissors

Handy crochet

“Aren’t these the most beautiful scissors you ever did see? They are not just pretty, they’re really very sharp, precise and comfortable. You’ll fall in love with these beauties once you start using them.”

Handy crochet scissors | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Not exactly scissors or jewelry either, it is a yarn cutter pendant! Isn’t it gorgeous? You can wear it around your neck and have it handy whenever you need it.

Yarn cutter pendant | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

14. Crochet books

“Our Maker Life is a movement for makers by makers started in 2016. Through maker inspiration, shop tips/business advice, as well as at the OML annual meetup events, the OML team has connected with a following of nearly 50,000 makers in the knit, crochet and fiber arts community to embrace cozy and live their best maker life.

The first volume of the Make book features knitters and crocheters through exclusive maker stories, patterns, and visual lifestyle.”

Make Book Volume 1 Our Maker Life | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Home decoration in crochet,  by Tanya Eberhardt from Little Things Blogged, is all about crocheting for your home or the home of a friend, and it is literally filled with stitch patterns, projects and how to’s. The projects provide you with a personalized set of items for your home, to decorate and snuggle under.”

Home decoration in crochet book, little things blogged | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

15. Kits

What a great gift idea! They usually come in an awesome package so you can consider them gift wrapped! Kits usually include everything you will need to make something from start to finish. From the crochet hook -or knitting needles- to the yarn and the pattern. Always a great choice! The ones that offer kits that I know and love are, We Are Knitters, Wool and the Gang and Lion Brand.

16. Subscription to a magazine

Remember how awesome it is to just sit around and flip through the pages of a magazine? With a monthly subscription, you can get a dose of inspiration delivered to your door. Some of my favorites are Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet and Crochet!.

17. Subscription to a yarn mail service

Did you know that you can get a box of surprises every month, delivered to your door?

Happy yarn mail

Happy Yarn Mail is a monthly subscription box company run by the crochet designer behind the hit crochet blog, Sewrella. Sign up for a different surprise crochet pattern and the materials to make it every month, it’s a yarn party in your mailbox!”

Happy yarn mail, sewrella | ultimate gift guide for crocheters


“We are driven by the dedicated enthusiasm by makers of the Fiber Arts community and believe in sharing this passion with as many people as possible. Independent dyers and designers are at the heart of our industry, and we are continually developing programs to collaborate with them and create unique experiences.”

Knitcrate subscribtion, yarn mail service | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

18. Jewelry

I love handles

“Wrist Ruler is a leather wristband with engraved inch and centimeter measurements. If you find yourself always needing to measure things when you’re on the go, this is the perfect product for you.”

Wrist ruler | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Crochet knit jewelry

“From delicately hand crocheted mini-granny squares, knitting needles and crochet hooks encased in tiny glass bottles, to cufflinks for our guys who crochet and knit, amazing mini yarn ball basket rings… you will fall in love at first sight!”

Crochet knit jewelry | ultimate gift guide for crocheters

19. Patterns

Raise your hand if you are not a pattern hoarder! All makers are always on the hunt, for new patterns, new ideas, and inspiration! The next project is always better! You can find tons of them on the usual suspects Love crochet, Etsy, and Ravelry.

Don’t forget to pin this Christmas gift guide for later. You will need it… 😉

The ultimate christmas gift guide for crocheters. You can find inside everything a crocheters heart will ever need. From crochet hooks yarn and kits to jewelry and stocking stuffers!

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Sunday 19th of November 2017

Very cool ideas! Unless you know the person (and their priorities, and crocheting in general) really, really well, a gift card for yarn rather than buying yarn yourself may be very wise - so much thought, decision and pattern measuring goes into selecting exactly which yarns and how much of them to get, I believe it is best left to the crocheter to choose for themselves.


Tuesday 21st of November 2017

I totally agree with you! We know best what we like and what we need but getting yarn as a present is always exciting! Even if you have to exchange it. It is still free yarn!

Ezgi Tandogan Onat

Saturday 18th of November 2017

I really love this list !! Thank you very much :)

Patricia Dioso

Friday 17th of November 2017

Thank you so much for including my project bags to your list. There are so many goodies I'd like to get my hands on!


Friday 17th of November 2017

Thank you for having awesome products! ;-)

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