Free printable tags for handmade crochet items


I love to crochet! You are probably here because you love it, too. You have also probably seen some cute gift tags that are out there and compliment those handmade items. That is the reason for today’s post. I recently made and would like to offer you those cute free printable tags!

Free printable gift tags | Free download tags for your crochet handmade items | handmade gift tags


You can grab your pdf by clicking on the image below. You will also be added to my mailing list which just means more exclusive offers in your inbox from time to time.


Free printable tags


I printed them in hard craft paper, which is my absolute favorite, but you can print them in whatever color you like.

Free printable handmade tags for crochet

The pdf file contains 2 different options and  2 sizes for each. The first one is a rectangle, which I find very useful because you have enough space on the back to write about the composition of the yarn you used and care instructions.

Free download printable tags for your crochet items

This one is also great for a gift tag if you are planning to make handmade stuff for your family as Christmas presents.

The second one is round and I use it mostly at craft fairs. I usually write a little note on the back for the new owner or ways to reach me after the fact.

Free printable tags | crochet gift tags

I have not printed the spot for the hole in these because I usually just put them in the bag or the parcel, but you can totally punch a hole on these too and use some string to hang them on your handmade item.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the image below and get your copy of the free printable tags for your handmade items!

Free printable tags


What do you think of your new tags? Would you like me to make some more in the future? Comment below…

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3 thoughts on “Free printable tags for handmade crochet items

  1. Dear Malloo,

    I just discovered your Website and I like it. You are doing a good job. Congratulation. I am a beginner. I started in November 2017. I feel that your website will be a great inspiration for me. Yes, I would like you to make some more tags in the future.


    1. You are so kind, my dear friend! I am really glad you found inspiration here and I will be working towards more tutorials for beginners! Thanks for the love!

  2. Hi. Just stumbled onto your website. I’m going to download your tags. They be great. Thankyou. Please put me on your mailing list. Now iim going to checkout your website some more. Thx Wendy

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