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Easy crochet shawl free pattern

Have you ever crocheted a square shawl? If not, this is your chance! Make this easy crochet shawl with basic crochet stitches and 3 colors.

From the month of June onwards I have scheduled to release one crochet shawl pattern every other month. I would definitely do it every month if I wasn’t afraid I would bore you to death. This crescent shawl is the last one for 2022.

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Learn how to make a crochet square shawl with this super easy crochet pattern.

You only need to know how to make a single crochet and change colors.

There is actually no cutting and rejoining yarn, since you are going to carry it up the side.

Fold it up for double the thickness and wear it as a triangle shawl or use it as a lap blanket when you are curled up on the couch.

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I have also compiled a huge list of free crochet shawl patterns from other designers that I really admire, and wish some of them were mine.

This time we are going to make a really warm shawl. It can definitely be categorized as a winter shawl just because of its construction and not only based on the yarn you are going to use.

crochet baby shawl

The shape is inspired by Shetland shawls, which are traditionally made by a square, and then lace details are attached around.

But, only the shape. My ribbed square shawl is nowhere near the complexity and beauty a traditional Shetland shawl has.

You will get to make a simple crochet shawl from corner to corner, with some ribbing details and just a tad of stripes.

The thing that makes it really warm as I mentioned above is the shape. Because of its square shape, the easiest way to wear it is by folding it in half and wearing it as a regular triangle shawl.

You can fold it in half in 2 ways. You can either separate the ribbed section from the neutral or give your triangle shawl a half-neutral-half ribbed look.

striped crochet shawl

How do you crochet a square shawl?

You can either work a bottom-up or bottom-down square shawl, by having the same dimensions in width and height or go the corner to corner way like I did.

This easy crochet shawl is worked from corner to corner by increasing 2 sts per row until half of the shawl and then decreasing 2 sts per row until the end.

corner to corner crochet shawl


– The pattern is written in standard US terms.

– You don’t have to cut and rejoin the colors in the stripe section. Just carry them on the side. The border will hide the loose strands of yarn from the color you carried above.

GAUGE (4 x 4″)

16 sts x 20 rows in sc


31.5″ x31.5″ (80×80 cm)

free crochet shawl pattern

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5.50 mm • US size I


You will need DK weight yarn to complete this square shawl and achieve the gauge given to match the exact dimensions.

I am mentioning below the yarn I have used for my crochet shawl but since I know Drops yarns are a bit hard to find outside of Europe, I am also giving you suitable yarn substitutions below to make your own DIY crochet shawl.

easy crochet shawl pattern free

DK weight category #3 • Drops Soft Tweed, approximately 1137 yds (1040 m)

Color A: 05 Grizzly bear 285 yds (260 m)
Color B: 18 Carrot cake 285 yds (260 m)
Color C: 03 Sand 569 yds (520 m)


City Tweed DK
Swish DK
Capra DK
Feels like heaven
Superwash merino


Darning needle

free crochet shawl pattern

Skill level: Advanced beginner

This corner-to-corner pattern is rated as an advanced beginner because it only uses basic crochet stitches, increases and decreases, and one color change.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.


R: row
RS: right side
WS: wrong side
ch(s): chain(s)
sc: single crochet
st(s): stitch(es)
blo: back loop only
inc: increase
dec: decrease
sl st: slip stitch

square crochet shawl pattern

How to get the ribbed square shawl pattern

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Free crochet shawl pattern

With color A

R1 (RS): ch 3, sc in next 2 chs, ch 1, turn (2)
R2 (WS): in blo (here and throughout half-way of the shawl, until you switch to color C), inc, inc, ch1, turn (4)

Change to color B

R3: inc, sc 2, inc, ch 1, turn (6)
R4: inc, sc until 1 st left, inc, ch 1, turn (8)

Change to color A

R5-98: repeat R4 and change colors every two rows

At the end of R98, the stitch count is 196. Change to color C and fasten off color A and color B.

R99: under both loops (here and until the end of the shawl), sc in each st across, ch 1, turn (196)
R100: dec, sc until 2 sts left, dec, ch 1, turn (194)
R101-196: repeat R100, do not fasten off, and continue to border.

At the end of R196, the stitch count is 2.

easy crochet shawl


Ch 1 and turn, 2 sc in each of the stitches of R196. Continue sc evenly around the entire shawl. You will make 1 sc per row until you reach the first corner. Make 2 sc in the last row of color C and 2 sc in the first row of Color A. Continue this way around, with 1 sc at the side of each row and (2 sc)x2 in each corner. Join with a sl st when you reach the first sc made and fasten off.

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Have you ever crocheted a square shawl? It's way easier than you think. 

This gorgeous fall-looking crochet shawl is made from corner to corner with basic crochet stitches and simple crochet changes.

The best part is that you can easily customize the size by just adding rows, and there are no ends to weave in from the color changes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.