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Crochet baby blankets free pattern roundup

Hello, hello! Since I am already 9 months pregnant and it is Christmas time I decided to do a 7- days of freebies series, all with crochet baby stuff patterns! Every day, for the next seven days I will be publishing a blog post about different baby things you are going to need to make!

You can find the rest of the series below. I will be adding the links every day as the posts get published.

Day 1: Crochet baby blankets
Day 2: Crochet baby booties
Day 3: Crochet dolls
Day 4: Crochet loveys
Day 5: Crochet baby hats
Day 6: Crochet baby toys
Day 7: Crochet baby clothes

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Crochet baby blankets free pattern roundup. This is day 1 of the 7 days of freebies series.

Today, we are kicking off this series with crochet baby blankets free patterns! I have declared my love of making blankets in the past and especially baby blankets. They are usually quick and easy to make and it is a great way to learn a new stitch!

Follow me to discover some new and interesting crochet baby blankets! Click the pink title link to get to the free pattern.

1. Crochet baby blanket

Easy crochet pattern even for beginners, as Turcoaz cu vanilie, states in her blog post. Don’t be intimidated by the lacy look of the blanket, it is an easy repeat and you will love it!

Crochet baby blanket

2. Gingham crochet corner to corner blanket

Ever wanted to learn how to make corner to corner crochet? Well, this is your chance and you will also get a beautiful blanket out of it! Free crochet pattern by Karla’s making it!

Crochet baby blanket

3. Free heirloom baby blanket

Very interesting texture in this one. I bet you don’t know that stitch. Free pattern by Leelee knits.

Crochet baby blanket pattern

4. Diamonds bobble throw

Free crochet pattern by Cats and Crochet with a beautiful bobble stitch and geometric design!

Crochet baby blanket pattern

5. Crochet berry chevron baby blanket

I think you have sensed a pattern here. I only chose blankets with beautiful texture! What can I say? They are so beautiful! Get this free crochet baby blanket from Daisy Farm Crafts.

Free crochet baby blanket pattern

6. Alpine blanket pattern

If we are talking about texture, Yarn Hook Needles nailed it! How gorgeous is that blanket? I think that with the color she picked, I can actually see trees!

Free crochet baby blanket pattern

7. 1 ball Caron Cake baby blanket

You are going to need to use the specific yarn if you want the same result, but look at these beautiful colors and texture! And also, just one ball of yarn for a baby blanket? Yes, please! Free crochet pattern by Crafty Guild.

Free crochet baby blanket pattern

I hope you enjoyed our little crochet baby blankets free roundup. Stay tuned for the rest of the freebies!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.