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How to keep your yarn stash in check – free printable

Is your yarn stash getting out of hand?

Do you always try to keep it in check?

I love organizing stuff! Ok, maybe some things in my house are more likely to be called well-organized chaos, but my yarn stash ain’t one of them!

I know exactly what yarn I have, in what color and how much of each skein. I usually work with the same brand of yarn for my finished pieces so I am used to buying yarn in bulk. I used to carry many color options for each piece and things got out of hand quickly!

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Are you wondering how to keep your yarn stash organized? Use this free printable and editable pdf to your advantage! Track brands, quantities and color codes, all in one place.

I always had to go through my stash in search of a specific color for an order. If you think that, that is counterproductive wait to see when I wanted to order more yarn!

Local yarn stores aren’t an option in my area, so I always had to buy online. And of course, because of shipping costs, I wouldn’t order just the one skein -or two- that I was missing, but a lot more. It was a game of guessing what I was short of and would need in the future and counting, again and again, the same stuff.

Fortunately, I realized quite quickly that this couldn’t go on forever! So, I made a simple excel spreadsheet, organized the tabs by brand and yarn weight, added the color codes and amounts and I was done!

So simple and yet so effective! Every time I use any skeins of my yarn stash, I just change the number of skeins left and that’s it!

Yarn stash free printable and editable pdf. Keep your stash in order!

Now, when I have to make a big yarn order I know exactly what I need and how much. No more running through the house to check if I have enough yarn for an order that just came in. I just check my computer.

Of course, as the time moved on, I moved on from the faceless spreadsheet to something fancier. Did you think I was giving away an ugly spreadsheet? Of course not! Anyone with little knowledge and access to a computer can do that.

Yarn stash free printable

What I am really giving away is my fancy printable/editable pdf for you to use. Yes, my I-love-to-write-on-paper friend! I’ve got you covered! You can print this baby and keep it in your crochet journal/folder/whatever or you can keep the pdf on your computer and edit it every time something changes.

How cool is that!

No more talking, I promise. Fill your email in the form below to get your hands on your fancy, free printable/editable yarn stash pdf!

Are you a paper or digital kind of girl? Tell me in the comments below!

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Jennifer Hamilton

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Im a pen and paper kind of person. I've been searching high and low for idea and sheets to keep track of my yarn, thank you


Tuesday 6th of April 2021

I use both paper and digital.


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

I’m a paper person. Thank you for the free yarn stash printable.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.