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Crochet autumn leaves free pattern

It has been a long time since I published a new pattern, but I hope with this one I will get back on track with my regular posting schedule. Personal life just got too much in the way! It happens from time to time. If you wanna stay in the loop, remember to subscribe in my mailing list, plus receive a little freebie for your trouble in the box at the end of this blog post.

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Make these cute crochet autumn leaves with the free pattern to fill your house. Great fall crochet project. Easy and fun crochet pattern.

I don’t know the how’s the weather like where you live, but here summer is still going strong. Since it’s September, though, I decided to make a fall pattern, just to get in the mood. This is going to be an easy and fast one, just to get our toes dipped in crochet, again.

The first sign of season changing around nature are the leaves, so what better than to make some crochet autumn leaves, to decorate the house or use as embellishments in accessories?

As I said it’s an easy crochet pattern and you can whip a bunch of leaves in a matter of minutes! Let’s dive in!

Crochet autumn leaves free pattern.

Crochet autumn leaves pattern

You will need:

About 10 m / 11 yds of aran weight yarn
US H/5 mm crochet hook
yarn needle
stitch marker

Gauge: 7 st and 7 rows is 2 inches in single crochet


R: row
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
fpsc: front post single crochet
3sctog: 3 single crochet together (decrease stitch)
scdec: single crochet decrease
sl st: slip stitch


When a number is in front of a stitch (ex. 2 sc), that indicates an increase. When a number follows after a stitch (ex. sc 5), that indicates you will have to make 5 single crochet in the next 5 stitches.

R1: ch 4, 3sc starting from second chain from the hook, ch 1, turn (3)
R2: 2 sc, sc, 2 sc, ch 1, turn (5)
R3: 2 sc, sc 3, 2 sc, ch 1, turn (7)
R4: 2 sc, sc 5, 2 sc, ch 1 , turn (9)
R5: 3 sc, sc 7, 2 sc, ch 1, turn (12)
R6: fpsc in each st, ch 1, turn (12)
R7: 3sctog, sc 7, scdec, ch 1, turn (9) You could place a stitch marker at the 3sctog to indicate which side is up.
R8: scdec, sc 5, scdec, ch 1, turn (7)
R9: scdec, sc 3, scdec, ch 1, turn (5)
R10: scdec, sc, scdec, sl st in the same stitch as the last scdec. Cut yarn. (3)

Attach yarn at the bottom of the leaf (not on the stitch marker side) with the right side facing you. The right side is the one with the visible v’s in the middle from the fpsc row. You will be working around the leaf and every stitch will go in a different row. Sometimes there will be 2 stitches in the same row (spot) and they will be preceded and followed by commas like this: ,2 sc,.

Make these crochet autumn leaves with the free pattern to bring fall into your home!

Outside round

Sc, 2 sc, 2 sc, sc 2, 2 sc, sc 3, 2 sc, sc 4, 2 sc, sc 2, 2 sc, sc 2, 2 sc, 2 sc, sc, sl st in the first sc, ch 1. Do not cut the yarn, we will continue with a slip stitch round.

Sl st in 15 stitches, ch 3, sl st in the same st, sl st in the last 15 stitches, sl st in the first sl st. Cut yarn, weave in all your ends and you are done!


As you can see in the pictures, I couldn’t resist and make 2 small variations regarding the stem of the crochet leaves.


If you wish to make a loop on your crochet autumn leaves, follow the pattern above and the outside single crochet round and instead of ch 1 at the end of this round ch 9, sl st in the same stitch and then continue with the sl st round.


If you would like to make a stem on your leaves, complete the pattern exactly as above but after you make the last sl st, ch 3 and make an i-cord. I made mine about 5 rows long, then closed it, run the yarn through the middle and secured the other end better, by sewing it on the bottom of the leaf.

If you don’t know how to make an i-cord, I have a tutorial for you here in my crochet pumpkins blog post.

Free crochet autumn leaves pattern. Easy fall crochet pattern that will take you just a few minutes to complete. Great stash buster project, also.

I hope that was easy and fun as promised! If you make some crochet autumn leaves tag me @mallooknitwear on Instagram and use the #malloomakers so I can see your projects. Let’s crush those leaves!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.