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Christmas gift tags free printable

Christmas is coming… The season of gift giving and receiving. Children’s favorite time of the year! And not only for children…

I bet some of you have already started your holiday shopping. It is the end of November after all! Today I am here to help you with a smaller aspect of gift giving. With the final touch, actually.

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Christmas gift tags free printable. Enjoy the season of gift giving with a small handmade touch on all your Christmas presents. #christmasgifttags #freeprintable #freechristmasprintable

I have created for you some simple Christmas gift tags to add to any present that will go under your tree this year. Simple shapes of a Christmas ball, a star, a Christmas tree and stocking is all you are going to need.  I tried to keep them simple so they could be easily cut, even by children. The dot on the upper part of every shape is there as a guide if you ‘d like to put them on a string and hang them.

Whether you are giving away handmade gifts or not, you will have a tag to hang onto them. You could write the recipients name and who is it from, or even a wish if you ‘d like. Check my trembling handwriting in the photos for ideas.

Christmas gift tags free printable

I chose to print mine in light cardboard paper because I wanted to be a little thick, as a card. It is easier to write on and it has a nice effect. I would recommend you to print them in something a bit thicker than normal printer paper. The background is clear, so you can print them in any colored paper you like.

Christmas free printable tags for your gifts.

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What are you waiting for? Download, cut, write and enjoy your Christmas gift tags! Merry Christmas to you all!

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Christmas free printables to hang on your presents as a special final touch. Write the recipient's name or just a wish and put them under your tree! #christmasfreeprintables #christmasgifttags #thankyoucard #freeprintable

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.