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“I will only work on this project for now”, said no crocheter ever! We all have multiple wip (work in progress) at a time, some that we are working on now and again and some hidden in our closets, somewhat forgotten.

Just admit it! It is a safe space here, no one is going to judge you. Shiny object syndrome is a real thing and we all have it!

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Too many wip (work in progress) to count? Use this stylish crochet project planner printable to keep all your forgotten crochet or knit projects in check. Write down all the details and never wonder again which crochet hook did you use. #crochetprojectplanner #freeprintableplanner

You see a beautiful new yarn or pattern, or a new idea pops into your head and you just have to make it!

Who cares if you already have, like, 9 other projects laying around the house? One more won’t hurt… right?

The only problem is when you finally pick this crochet project again in your hands and… blank! Suddenly you don’t remember anything. What yarn did you use? Which crochet hook? What was your gauge?

Simple, but legit questions we all have asked ourselves and deserve an answer if we really wanna finish that project.

Wanna get your hands on some free printable tags for your handmade items, too?

When you put your crochet project aside you really thought that you would remember all those details. The truth is; that almost never happens. Except for a lucky bunch of you. For the rest of us, let me just say that the struggle is real!

Without further delay, I give you the free printable crochet -and knit- project planner! Please, just remember to fill it in before you put your work aside half-done and jump onto the next one! 😉

Crochet project planner free printable

You can use the note section to write down if you made any alterations to the pattern, sizing, yarn brand and skeins or any other detail that your future self might need. I tried to keep it clean and simple so it won’t be overwhelming to fill. Just some quick little notes to make your life easier.

I really hope that this printable organization planner will give you (and me) an incentive to finish all -or, at least, most- of our unfinished projects. I wish you that this open “end date” will bother you as much as it bothers me and we’ll finish those forever projects!

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Don't have any idea which crochet hook did you use for that project that is sitting in your closet for months now? Use this pretty crochet project planner and never lose track again of all the details you will need to complete the project. Your future self will thank you for that! #crochetplanner #crochetproject

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7 thoughts on “Free printable crochet project planner

  1. I have too many wips and am trying to get organized by the end of 2018. I love planners and journals and feel that this will help put me on the track to completing many items.

  2. I am frustrated because I am trying to download the free project planner. I signed up to your blog and confirmed my email. but when I click on the download button, all I get is the form to sign up again. Can yo7 help me? Thank you

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