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5 mistakes to avoid when you are new to crochet

There are some things that we all do exactly the same when we are starting to crochet for the first time. Avoiding these simple crochet mistakes will make you a better crocheter faster and you will achieve healthier crochet habits. Let’s see them!

Avoid these 5 mistakes when you are new to crochet and become better, faster!

1. Not standing up straight

When we are new at something and unsure what exactly we are supposed to do next, we tent to crunch over our project. We don’t even realize it!

When you get your crochet in your hands, find a spot on the couch or a chair that feels comfortable. Maybe put a cushion on your waist. You have to be able to move a bit around and your hands should lay relaxed on your ribs. There mustn’t be any obstacles under your arms such as cushions or the arms of the chair. Don’t squeeze your shoulders up. Check your position every few minutes and adjust accordingly.

2. Grabbing your hook too tight.

Everyone has a different way of holding a crochet hook. There is no right or wrong way here but avoid at all costs to squeeze your hook. Hold it tight enough so it won’t fall out of your hand but not so tight like you are about to break the thing! Holding your hook tightly will result to incorrect gauge and tight crunched stitches.

Again check every few minutes and adjust accordingly. Get up and take a walk if you need to relax your muscles. More on that in a bit.

3. Placing the yarn on the wrong side.

Yes, there is a right and wrong side of positioning the yarn. It is on the exact opposite side of your hook holding hand. If you are right handed that means that you hold your crochet hook with your right hand and the yarn with the left. The yarn should be on your left side.

Placing the yarn on the right side when you are right handed just feels wrong and results to tangles, difficulty to reach, uneven tension and frustration. We don’t want that! Do we?

4. Poor lighting

I know that you are eyesight is perfect but you ‘re learning a new skill here! Excellent lighting and especially if it pointed at your work is a must and I really don’t want to hear arguments, here.

5. Not taking breaks

Learning something new can be frustrating and annoying at its early stages. Or it can be a breeze and you feel like you can do it for hours and hours and not get tired at all. In both of those cases, the answer is the same. Take breaks!

Whether it is for you to clear your head and tackle something you consider difficult or it is going great and you are wondering how time flies by. Your body needs to get up and stretch. Help that blood circulate better and avoid pain from the repetitive movements of crochet.

Those were the major 5 crochet mistakes we all made as beginners. Do you have any others that you would like to contribute?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.