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53 amazing crochet shawl patterns free

Crochet shawls are a great project for beginners and advanced crocheters, alike.

There are so many crochet shawl patterns out there, free and paid, that one has a hard time choosing.

There are perfect for just about any season and any weather, too, as they exist in multiple forms.

Pin now, make later… 😉

Discover 53 amazing crochet shawls patterns free! Check out this huge list of crochet shawls and wraps that are perfect for summer or winter. From triangle, to rectantangle, and Tunisian to one skein shawls, this list is the only thing you are going to need before you start your next project.
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Crochet shawl patterns for the winter, the summer, lacy and lightweight crochet shawls, as well as Tunisian crochet shawls which can be a topic of its own.

How do you wear a crochet shawl?

People used to think that only some old ladies would wear crochet shawls.

But this has changed drastically the past few years, as more and more designers come up with exquisite and modern crochet shawl patterns.

A shawl can be worn many ways. You can wear it on your back, style it as a crochet wrap around your shoulders, or even as a big scarf.

Triangle shawls especially look great when worn around your neck on the front of your body.

But really, your imagination is the limit on different ways to wear a shawl.

How big should a crochet shawl be?

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

There are small and shallow shawls, perfect for summer and there are huge crochet triangle or half-circle shawls that will cover the upper part of your body completely.

How much yarn do I need to crochet a shawl?

Again, it depends on the pattern and the yarn weight. You may need anywhere from 350-1000+ yards (320-915 meters).

The list below is a combination of crochet shawls for different skill levels, yarn requirements, season and taste.

Check it out and I am sure you will find more than one you would like to start making right about now.

You can find the link for each pattern if you click the underlined name of each individual pattern.

*** This post may contain affiliate links which means that I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. Your support means the world to me and my family. ***

Triangle crochet shawl patterns

Are you ready for some free crochet triangle shawl patterns for beginners and intermediate crocheters? Let’s go!

  1. Primrose and proper by Kirsten Holloway designs

I don’t know if it’s the snow or the stitch pattern that screams “elegance” but I am thinking at least a snow queen would wear this shawl.

2. Smoky mountains by Mama in a stitch

If you were wondering how to crochet a granny triangle shawl, look no further for the answer.

This classic granny style is timeless and only uses hints of color, which makes it a great stash busting pattern, too.

Triangle granny crochet shawl pattern

3. Simple puff + lace triangle scarf by Make and Do Crew

This might fool you, because it looks more complicated than it is. It’s actually a very simple lacy crochet triangle scarf pattern and sooo romantic!

Romantic crochet shawl pattern

4. Spring Reverie by Kristines Crochets

Not exactly a granny square nor a fillet crochet shawl, this has the best of both worlds. Lightweight and airy!

Vintage crochet shawl pattern

5. Agape wrap by Mama in a stitch

Another lovely granny wrap pattern from Mama in a stitch. And I love this color so much!

Granny crochet shawl pattern

6. Raised stitches by I Can Crochet That.

The use of a neutral color with multicolor yarn and texture create this stunning shawl that will make your day, just by looking at it.

7. Faux fade wrap by Knits ‘n Knots.

No, knitting can’t take credit for this one. Fade wraps were all the rage in knitting but guess what? You can make a crochet version with just a simple two-row repeat.

Faux fade crochet shawl pattern

8. Crochet triangle shawl by Delia Creates.

Easy, simple, great-looking, and can be made in just about any size. What more do you want?

Did you notice that even the little bear has one? How adorable!

9. Beginner triangle shawl by Malloo.

I made this one with the beginner crocheter in mind. Just one stitch and some chains creates this simple triangle shawl. And you know what the best part is?

It can be as as big or as small as you like. Just stop when it feels right to you, or when you run out of yarn.

Beginner crochet triangle shawl pattern

10. Gathering driftwood by Knitting with Chopsticks.

I truly believe that elegance comes with simplicity, and this crochet shawl has outdone itself.

Crochet and knit shawls you may like:

From left to right: Aberdeen crochet shawl, Ponderosa knit shawl, Plumeria crochet shawl.

11. This is me shawl by Will Made.

The next three shawl patterns I am going to share all by Will Made. She actually made it very hard for me to narrow down my picks from her blog.

All her shawls and wraps are just stunning!

You should definitely go check her out if you don’t know her already.

This shawl is actually inspired by herself and her unique medical condition and is a part of a larger collection.

12. Shell wave shawl by Will Made.

This shawl could actually be a very realistic representation of greek beaches in my area. The colors, the waves, the foam, the sand… I can see everything very clearly.

Triangular crochet shawl pattern

13. Vintage tulip by Will Made.

Anyone ordered a very romantic and highly functional shawl? Here it is! The vintage feel is spot on!

Vintage tulip crochet shawl pattern

14. Stormborn wrap by For The Frills.

And while you are ready to say that it’s another simple crochet triangle shawl, here comes the bobbles to shake the waters and add the right amount of texture to this project.

Triangular crochet shawl pattern

15. The Carillon by TL Yarn Crafts.

This mesh crochet wrap is as lightweight and airy as it gets. The perfect summer accessory when the heat goes up and up.

16. The Bronwyn shawl by TL Yarn Crafts.

We are staying with Toni for this one, too, but we make a transformation from summer wardrobe to fall at least.

The Bronwyn has a perfect balance of colorwork and texture and it’s about to become your favorite, really soon.

Triangle crochet shawl patterns

Rectangle shawl patterns

17. Darla shawl by Truly Crochet.

This is a beginner-friendly, easy rectangular crochet shawl pattern that uses only double crochet and chain stitches. As easy as it gets.

18. Wrapped in Diamonds by Torun Johansson.

Who knew fillet crochet would look this good in an ombre yarn? Definitely not your grandma’s crochet.

Crochet wrap pattern

19. Calypso by Yarn and Hooks.

Now, that is definitely something I would wear in a wedding or even as a cover up for the beach. The Calypso is perfect for glamour and leisure.

Crochet crecsent shawl pattern

20. Isla shawl by Truly Crochet.

The eyelets and solid rows work together to make a stunning result , very pleasing to the eye.

Rectangle crochet shawl pattern

21. The Heather shawl by The Loophole Fox.

A rectangle crochet shawl perfect for fall! This pattern has a beautiful open texture with shells and detailed lines that add up to be a very elegant wrap.

Rectangular crochet shawl pattern

22. The Helena shawl by Yarn ‘n Me.

Another beautiful fillet crochet rectangular shawl pattern with ombre yarn? Yes, I couldn’t help myself. Sue me!

Fillet crochet wrap

More free crochet patterns:

From left to right: Crochet wooden teether, crochet oval baskets, crochet cloud rug.

23. Frankie wrap by Hooked Hazel.

Open, airy, and stylish. What more could you possibly want in a hot summer?

Rectangle crochet shawl pattern

24. Slanting shells by Creations by Courtney.

Another beautiful shell wrap made with gradient yarn, or not. Your choice!

Crochet shell shawl pattern free

25. Katie wrap By Two Brothers Blankets.

Simple, beautiful, and versatile crochet wrap pattern. It can be styled in many ways and has an a romantic feel.

Crochet wrap pattern free

Tunisian crochet shawl patterns

We are switching to a different category of crochet now, Tunisian crochet. When I was making my research for this blog post, I was actually beating myself up for one reason.

As far as I could see from the very beautiful projects, Tunisian crochet contains both of the characteristics I love: Crochet that looks like knitting and texture!

It was actually quite difficult for me to narrow down my search as there are so many Tunisian crochet shawl patterns, that are so beautiful!

I bet you’ll find it difficult, too, to restrain yourself from starting another project.

26. Lamia wrap by TL Yarn Crafts.

Toni is becoming the queen of Tunisian crochet and her shawl game is very strong. Let’s start with the Lamia wrap, but I’ve got one more from her down the road.

Did you know that Toni wrote the Tunisian Crochet Handbook, recently?

Tunisian crochet shawl pattern, Lamia wrap

27. Simple Tunisian shawl by Little Thing Blogged.

Do color changes scare you? Well, they shouldn’t if you are trying out this shawl. It’s a very relaxing project with simple Tunisian crochet stitches and a self-striping yarn.

Are you enjoying the free content, so far?

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28. Sun dipped shawl by Julie-Sarah Desjarins.

Ok, the texture in this one is too much to handle! I love this!

29. Brushland shawl by Make and Do Crew.

Let me introduce you to the project that made me fall in love with Tunisian crochet. A crochet shawl that looks woven? Say no more…

30. Daydream shawl By TL Yarn Crafts.

Again, so much texture. So much in love! Be still my heart…

Tunisian crochet shawl pattern

31. A taste of summer by Joy of Motion.

This just looks like so much fun to make. Open and airy stitches make up a lovely result and a summery shawl.

32. Mermaid isle scarf by Crochet Kim.

Another great option for a summer accessory. This seems to have a great drape which is amazing for a summer shawl.

33. Wildflowers in the wind by Make and Do Crew.

Such an easy Tunisian crochet fade shawl which I bet you will find very relaxing to make.

34. Herringbone Tunisian crochet wrap by Ned and Mimi.

You may have to fiddle with a couple of skeins at the same time for this one, but the end result is so worth it!

35. Lightning by Raffamusa Designs.

I don’t know what drew me in first in this design. Its interesting shape, which actually contains no increases or decreases, or the pop of color in the edging with the tiny bobbles?

36. Prerna scarf by Knitter Knotter.

Ok, this one is more a wide scarf than a shawl, but I really couldn’t avoid including it. Because, look at it! Isn’t it gorgeous?

One skein crochet shawls

And we are moving on to the one skein projects. Do you only have one skein to make a shawl? Well, you will find lots of patterns below to accommodate this need.

37. One skein simple summertime shawl by Oombawka Designs.

This one has it all explained for us in the title so there’s no need for me to say more. Just go look at the the pretty picture.

38. Vintage peach by Annie Design Crochet.

The next 3 one skein shawls are going to be from Annie Design Crochet, because apparently she is the queen in this category, but also because I couldn’t choose which one I liked best from her designs.

They are all so beautiful!

One skein crochet shawl

39. Little Fictions by Annie Design Crochet.

40. Tendril by Annie Design Crochet.

41. Beginner shawl by Little Things Blogged.

This beginner crochet shawl proves that not all one skein projects must be done with fingering weight yarn and lacy stitches. Worsted and beginner friendly is the way to go for this one!

Beginner triangle crochet shawl pattern

42. Shanae wrap by Me and my Hook.

Easy crochet stitches and a mindless crochet project with an awesome drape and romantic feel.

43. Jade shawl by Crochet Dreamz.

Another worsted weight project made with a big hook to achieve an airy fabric with great drape.

44. Party punch by TL Yarn Crafts.

A one skein shawl meets Tunisian crochet. They fall in love. The rest is history.

Party punch crochet shawl pattern

45. Desert winds scarf by Make and Do Crew.

Affordable and effortless. The yarn does all the work for you once again.

46. Fro-Yo by the Underground Crafter.

You can make this pattern in no time with worsted weight yarn and self striping yarn with long color changes.

47. Jadestone wrap by Desert Blossom Crafts.

Very beginner-friendly, one skein granny-looking shawl.

48. Fortune’s shawlette by Moogly.

You’ll get to use a different spin on the corner to corner stitch on this one, so if you haven’t tried it before, go for it!

49. Spring breeze shawlette by The Loopy Lamp.

Are you tired of self-striping yarns by now? I hope not! They create such great results with so little effort and they make awesome one skein projects, and the Spring Breeze is no exception.

Other crochet patterns you may like:

From left to right: Crochet pumpkins that look knit, mommy and me chunky pom hat, Little shepherd vest.

Crochet pocket shawls

Crochet pocket shawls were really popular a couple fo years ago. Do people still make them? I have included a few of the best patterns I could find out there for you.

50. Crochet shawl with pockets by Crochet With Carrie.

Beautiful pocket shawl with lots and lots of texture. And that deep, earthy brown color is perfection!

51. Pine gap by Stitching Together.

It’s all about the small details and joining squares on this one. But don’t worry! You will find an extensive tutorial to help you out.

52. Easy angled pocket shawl by Spoons and Hooks.

This crochet pocket shawl free pattern is very geared towards the beginners. Not that a more advanced crocheter wouldn’t wanna make it. It’s adorable!

53. Crochet pocket shawl by Love Life Yarn.

Easily customizable and very beginner-friendly this pocket shawl will quickly steal your heart.

Crochet pocket shawl

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Are you searching the perfect one skein shawl for summer? Or maybe a huge winter crochetrectangle wrap? But, would a simple easy crochet triangle shawl would be better? 

Sometimes it's really difficult to choose when you haven't exactly decided what your next project is going to be.

But, look no further! This huge list of 53 free crochet shawl patterns has it all. And you may decide to make more than one.
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Pheww! Quite a big list! Thank you so much for being with me till the end.

Which one caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below.

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