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Crochet home decor ideas with free patterns

As fall is slowly approaching you begin thinking more about your home. Staying inside with a cup of hot chocolate or a tea, watching a movie or reading a book. This is a perfect time also to reconsider your home décor and make some alterations or additions.

Crochet home decor ideas | free crochet patterns for every corner of your living room

I have found some of the best and free crochet patterns out there to help you decorate every corner of your living room. Shall we start?

These pillow covers are not just decorative. As you can see there are different sizes and shapes for everyone to feel comfortable. Textured and bulky, spot on the 2017 trends for the winter.

Cozy crochet pillows

The doily rug! What makes these giant doily rugs so cute and modern? I have absolutely no idea, but I love them! This pattern comes with a tutorial on how to make your own yarn out of sheets. You can buy a cheap set or upcycle your old sheets. I bet it will work great with thick yarn if you don’t want to ruin a pair of sheets.

Crochet doily rug free pattern

Wanna put your feet up? I ‘ve got you covered! This amazing pouf will help you rest your feet after a tiring day and it serves as an extra sit when you have people over. Kids love them, too!

Crochet pouf free pattern

Walls are not just for hanging pictures or paintings. Dress them accordingly with this hexagon wall hanging. Choose one or more colors that will compliment your living room and cheer up those walls! It would look lovely on a mantle.

Crochet wall hanging

Don’t you just love to curl up in your favorite chair with your crochet or a book? Good lighting is essential! Make that lampshade to keep it close to you so you don’t strain your eyes and to add a cozy vibe to your living room.

Crochet lampshade

Home décor is one of the areas I really love but believe I have neglected in my house. What do you say we start with these and maybe I can find some other crochet patterns for the home in the future.

What do you think? I think I am going to try the pillows first. Which one will you make?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.