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35 Free Lightweight Crochet Sweater Patterns

Get ready for spring and summer with these lightweight crochet sweater patterns.

But, wait… do we have to crochet sweaters for spring and summer? Technically no, you don’t have to do anything. We are not in school anymore. 😉

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Thirty five free crochet sweater patterns perfect for your spring and summer adventures.

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But, here me out. You do get cold during these times, aren’t you? Maybe not as cold as in the winter, or I would hope so, depending on the place you live.

So, you do need some kind of layering, right? It doesn’t have to be a heavy wool crochet sweater. You can opt for something lighter.

In this list, I have compiled 35 spring crochet ideas for lightweight crochet sweater patterns that would be perfect for when the weather is a bit hotter.

Weather can be fickle and you will be better off carrying some spring crochet item with you, like a light pullover or a huge cotton shawl that you can wrap yourself in.

More spring crochet ideas you may like:

In order of appearance: Market bag, Japanese knot bag (looks perfect in raffia yarn), and the Milos shawl.

What is the best yarn for light crochet sweaters?

Light crochet sweaters for summer can be made with cotton or bamboo yarn for more breathability, and with open stitches, like some kind of lace or fans and shells.

Also, the thinner the yarn, the lighter your sweater will be. I would choose DK or lighter for better results.

My top picks for spring/summer garments are:

Why is my summer sweater too heavy?

If you have already chosen a light yarn, as we said above, other things might make your jumper heavy.

Like the stitch you used. Make sure to choose tall stitches and leave openings so the final fabric can be lighter, breathe, and have a better drape.

Also, you could make ¾ sleeves or even short sleeves for better results.

What about light crochet summer cardigan patterns?

Yes! Summer crochet cardigans are always a great choice. There’s nothing easier than to throw on a light cardigan in your bag for any time you need it.

Cardigans can also have a variety of sleeve options, so you can choose which one fits you the best. I have included a couple of cardigans in this list, too.

But, I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. Are you ready to crochet for spring and summer? Let’s dive into the list.

Or you can watch the video below If you prefer.

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Lightweight crochet sweater patterns

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Get some inspiration and ideas for your next crochet project from this list of 35 lightweight crochet sweater patterns.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.