Crochet baby cocoon free pattern

It is already February and I know I haven’t been here a lot. Well, time flies by when you have a newborn in the house and you really can’t tell where the days went.

Today’s free pattern is a crochet baby cocoon, again in collaboration with Hobium Yarns. Maybe this is going to be the beginning of many crochet patterns for babies now since I have a little model. Well, maybe, because photographing a baby isn’t the easiest task!

UPDATE 14/06/2019: This pattern had a counting error. It is fixed now. You can go ahead on Hobium Yarns and download the corrected pattern. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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For this project, I used the Kartopu Anakuzusu yarn and it turned out perfect! This yarn, as all novelty yarns, is a bit difficult to work with, especially for a beginner, because you can’t really see the stitches when you are crocheting. Once you get used to it though, it becomes much easier.

Baby cocoon

On the other hand, this yarn is very forgiving. Which means that even if you make a mistake and place your stitch in the wrong place, no one will be able to see it. The yarn covers everything! Amazing!

I used mostly double crochet stitches for this pattern and an 8 mm crochet hook and let the yarn do the rest. You really don’t need any fancy stitches or ways to create texture and interest with this one. It does it all! It is soft and fluffy and will hug your baby like a dream.

Crochet cocoon for baby

I made it to fit a 0-3 month old baby, but I have instructions in the pattern if you would like to make it smaller to fit just a newborn. The crochet baby cocoon will make a great photo prop for these first baby photos or you can use it as a sleeping sack instead of a blanket. It is small enough to carry it with you everywhere and you can use it when walking outside with your stroller.

It will definitely keep your baby snug, warm and happy!

Free crochet baby cocoon pattern.

Ready to make this baby cocoon for your little angel? Just click here and you will be transferred to Hobium Yarns blog to get your free crochet pattern!

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18 thoughts on “Crochet baby cocoon free pattern

    1. Hi Tracey!

      Just scroll to the end of the blog post, at the very last sentence and you will find the link! 😉

  1. I am on row 27 where it says dble crochet 13 then decrease 2x then 13 again but there are only 22 dbe crochets to work in. From my count I would need 30 What am I doing wrong

    1. Ooops! The pattern is correct but the stitch count in the parenthesis is wrong. Follow the pattern and you will be fine. So sorry about that…

  2. I am currently stuck on row 27. As you commented above, the pattern is correct the stitch count is wrong. So does this mean I have to do 30 DC in rows 24-26
    instead of 22?

  3. I’m also having trouble at row 27 but I’m not understanding your explanation of the solution. What is the stitch count supposed to be for rows 27-29? Please clarify.

    1. I have just sent it. Please also check your spam folder or you can download it again from the Hobium Yarns blog. They also have the corrected pattern now.

  4. I’m looking for the Crochet Baby Cocoon Free Pattern but can’t find on your website. Could you please send to me if still available for free.

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