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Crochet baby sweater – Forest Fairy cardigan

Seamless crochet baby sweater pattern with beautiful texture.

Yes, it is official. I am in love with yoke sweaters/cardigans, everything! I am not sure what has draw me in the first place. Maybe it was the simplicity that it evokes? The fit? The fact that it needs almost no sewing at all?

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Perfectly seamless crochet cardigan for babies and kids up to 14 years of age. Its seamless yoke construction make this pattern ideal for those who hate sewing. #crochetbabysweater #crochetcardigan #crochetpatternbaby

How to get this crochet cardigan:

  • You can purchase the ad-free pdf for easy printing in any of my shops, below.

You can find the pdf for the Forest Fairy cardigan crochet pattern on Etsy, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts. Thank you so much for your support! Or…

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I think it was all of the above. And maybe more. And although I love and admire all those knit Icelandic sweaters, with the beautiful decorated yoke, I know I can’t make one. I am more of texture kind of person, so texture you are going to get.

It’s not that I don’t like colorwork, I just find it hard to coordinate a nice looking color pallete.

If you remember the Forest Fairy pixie hat I designed last year for my little one, you may remember how excited I was with this particular design. It had something to it that made me (and many others) fall in love.

Crochet baby sweater pattern

Crochet baby sweater – The Forest Fairy cardigan

So, I decided to make a series about it, to show off that particular stitch pattern in different designs. And just like that, the Forest Fairy cardigan was born.

A simple cardigan with buttons that fits just about right to the body with the help of a not-so-secret but mostly not used-so-much technique.

If you hate sewing as much as I do, then you will love this baby sweater. Designed as a seamless yoke cardigan you will end up sewing just the buttons. Ok, and the pocket(s), but this is totally optional.

Crochet baby yoke sweater

This is an easy crochet pattern, geared to the ones that have already crocheted at least one garment before. The stitches are very basic and the pdf comes with a photo tutorial section to explain anything that’s not a standard hdc.

Simple enough but it will keep you entertained with the beautiful braids and increases, and then just mindless crocheting till the end.


I chose a fingering weight yarn for this crochet baby sweater although I know most crocheters are scared of it. I am here to say don’t be. And I will explain why.

If you know me, you know my love for worsted and bulky yarn. I have lots of designs with those yarns but they are not meant to do everything. The finer the yarn the better the drape is going to be. And also, sometimes you just don’t want to wear something (or in this case your kid) that is super bulky and hard to move with it around.

Sometimes, layers is all you are going to need to stay warm and comfortable. Lastly, you are going to use a 4.0 mm crochet hook. That’s not terribly small, is it?

For my sweater I chose the Drops Flora yarn. It’s a nice blend of wool and alpaca, just as the ones I use more regularly. What I loved about this yarn is that it doesn’t contain any polyamide or nylon. But you can use whichever fingering/sock weight yarn, category 1, you can easily find at your place of residence.

Crochet baby sweater


  • This crochet baby sweater includes sizes from 12 mo -14 years of age
  • To fit bust sizes from 45.5 cm (18 inches) to 80 cm (31.5 inches)

You will need:

  • fingering weight yarn
  • US G/4.0 mm, and US E/3.5 mm crochet hooks or size needed to obtain gauge
  • 6-9 buttons 1.5 cm (0.6 inches)


12 mo: 500 m, 547 yds
18 mo: 540 m, 590 yds
2 y: 610 m, 668 yds
4 y: 740 m, 810 yds
6 y: 870 m, 952 yds
8 y: 1050 m, 1150 yds
10 y: 1220 m, 1335 yds
12 y: 1380 m, 1510 yds
14 y: 1500 m, 1640 yds

How to choose your crochet sweater size:

The cardigan is meant to be worn with 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) of positive ease. The Forest Fairy cardigan is designed with this ease already built-in, in each size. Below you will find the finished bust measurements of each size so you can choose your size accordingly.

For example, a toddler with a 45 cm bust will wear the 12-month size, but a toddler with a 49 cm bust will be better to wear the 18-mo size, even if they both are 12 months of age. Always choose the size with measurements in mind, and not age.

Finished bust measurements:

12 mo: 55 cm, 21.75 inches
18 mo: 58 cm, 22.75 inches
2 y: 64 cm, 25.25 inches
4 y: 70 cm, 27.5 inches
6 y: 76 cm, 30 inches
8 y: 80 cm, 31.5 inches
10 y: 85 cm, 33.5 inches
12 y: 91 cm, 35.75 inches
14 y: 96 cm, 37.75 inches

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Crochet baby sweater pattern from size 12 months until 14 years of age. Seamless construction, perfect for those of you that hate sewing. #crochetyokesweater #crochetcardigan #crochetbabysweater #crochetsweaterpattern

You can find the pdf for the Forest Fairy cardigan crochet pattern on Etsy, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts. Thank you so much for your support!

That’s all for now, I hope I covered all the info you are going to need. If you have more questions, please drop them in the comments.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.