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Timeless and elegant, easy knit triangle shawl.

I know that the weather is getting warmer in our part of the world but I was trying all winter to come up with a triangle shawl that I would like and… nothing! I had this beautiful yarn in my stash for a long time now and I knew I had to make something out of it. It was a shame to just lay there on my shelves doing nothing.

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Easy knit triangle shawl pattern. Made with super bulky yarn this knit triangle wrap will fly off your needles. The pattern is easy to memorise and can be completed by the confident beginner. #knittriangleshawl #knittedtrianglewrap #trianglescarfpattern

*** You can find this pattern for free on the Hobium Yarns blog, or purchase a print-friendly pdf on my Etsy, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts shops. ***

I was originally going to make something crochet, but nothing worked out as it was supposed to. Absolutely nothing! So, I hope my fellow crocheters will forgive me, I tried.

The idea for this particular knit triangle shawl came from watching too much Outlander the past month. I have always been a fan of the show in general, but besides the story, I always loved the clothes of this era.

Easy knit triangle shawl pattern

And don’t get me started on the knitwear! They were all so beautiful! From hand warmers to shawls, I loved absolutely everything!

So, the idea of a simple knit triangle scarf started forming in my head. Nothing fancy, no tassels, no fringe, just simple stitches.

Easy knit triangle scarf pattern

The yarn helped a lot with the final formation of the shawl. I used the Viking Gazzal, in the mink color, which is a super bulky acrylic-wool yarn. As many of you guessed this one was also kindly provided to me, a lot of time ago from Hobium Yarns.

From left to right are the Forest Fairy hood, the York sweater, and the Calm dreams baby blanket.

Viking Gazzal is a super soft bulky yarn which made this project fly off my needles. The whole thing was made in just 5 days, and if you should know one thing about me is that I am among the slowest knitters of the world! So, this must be some kind of record.

Knitted triangle scarf pattern

The shawl itself is quite big, but not huge. It measures 142 cm (56”) wide and 71 cm (28”) long after blocking. I didn’t block it aggressively though. Just gave it a light steaming to relax the stitches and show off better the design.

I used 4 balls of the yarn or about 400 m (430 yds), but the pattern is so easy and flexible that you can stop at about any point you like and add the final border rows. So, you can just make it larger or smaller depending on your needs or the yarn you have available.

Textured knit triangle shawl

But enough with me rambling about the process. You can find the free pattern for this knit triangle shawl over on the Hobium Yarns blog, or purchase the print-friendly pdf on my Etsy, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts shops.

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Easy knit triangle scarf, great for beginners. If you know how to increase, then you can make this knitted triangle shawl. In order to make this knit triangle wrap you will need super bulky yarn and US 11/8.0 mm knitting needles. #knittrianglescarf #knittrianglewrpap #knittedwrap #knittingtrianglescarfpattern

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  1. Solid color! Hurray! Love that and the pattern as well. Thank you, Lou. I’ve seen some of the Outlander outfits in a long-past magazine and liked them.

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