Crochet sweater pattern – The York

Beginner friendly, unisex crochet sweater with a cozy feel!

Well, I made it! I kept my promise and finally designed a crochet sweater in 9 sizes! From XS to 5X and with a 3”-5” positive ease I think I have everybody covered.

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Crochet sweater pattern for the advanced beginner. Easy crochet sweater, extra cozy with a split hem and lots of ease.

*** You can get this pattern for free on the Hobium yarns blog or purchase an ad-free pdf on Etsy, Ravelry or Lovecrafts. ***

The yarn

The yarn for this sweater was kindly provided, once again, by Hobium Yarns. It is the La Mia Natural Wool, and it comes in 6 amazing natural tones, from cream to dark brown.

It is 100% wool but nothing like the wool you have in mind. This yarn is soft and a pleasure to work with. I actually already had it in my stash in 3 different colors, but I specifically asked them to send a sweater quantity of the H5 to complete this project.

This just means that I may release another pattern with the same yarn, later this year. A shawl, maybe? I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet.

When I was making this sweater, I had women in my mind, but, as it turns out, it’s unisex. It has a very simple line and style and it is not form-fitting at all. You could call it a boyfriend sweater maybe. That is a thing, isn’t it? I have heard of boyfriend jeans, so I believe we can have boyfriend sweaters, too.

The ribbing

The one thing that I loved most about this project is the ribbing. I recently learned a new technique that I had to use. It is called a yarn over slip stitch and I am currently writing a blog post about crochet ribbings with photo tutorials. I have included in the pdf already the photo tutorial on this stitch.

It creates such a nice knit-look ribbing, and you know I am a sucker for crochet that looks knit!

Crochet ribbing yarn over slip stitch

I also have a confession to make. Although I haven’t made that many garments, I always had in mind that I would be designing for sizes Small, Medium and Large. Not because I despise larger people (or tiny people), but just because I was more comfortable with these sizes.

You see, I am a Medium and I can easily understand Small and Large. I could not wrap my head around sizes that were too small or too big for me. Well that changed, because the world is not just 3 people and I would like to include everyone in what I make.

The York sweater might not be perfect on every body. Everybody out there is different and even if two people are of the same size, the same outfit might not compliment both as well. All you have to do is give it a try. I know I tried my best to accommodate all sizes and it was one of the scariest things I did in my designer life.

So, I am letting this crochet sweater pattern out in this world and I hope you will welcome it with open arms.

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Easy crochet sweater pattern, very beginner friendly. Make this sweater with minimal shaping, just enough to flatter your silhouette. Made with positive ease this sweater is size inclusive, from XS to 5X. Just another mindless crochet project to satisfy your Netflix addiction. #crochetsweaterpattern #easycrochetsweater #beginnersweaterpattern #crochetpullover

*** You can get this pattern for free on the Hobium yarns blog or purchase an ad-free pdf on Etsy, Ravelry or Lovecrafts. ***

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