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Christmas crochet ideas for home decor

Make the most out of your Christmas crochet decor.

From crochet Christmas tree decor to ornaments, Christmas tree skirts, and beautiful blankets, this roundup has it all. Some of the patterns are free, some are paid, but all are extremely beautiful.

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Are you looking for some Christmas crochet ideas to decorate your house?

In this list you will find anything from crochet Christmas baubles, to tree skirts, pillows, and even some kitchen crochet items.

Find all the patterns, now!

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I have also added as many Christmas crochet projects for beginners as I could.

There’s something beautiful in making things with your own hands. But I believe you already know that, since you are here.

Since I started crocheting I have also started to replace anything in my house that I could with a crocheted version.

And it wasn’t long until I decided to upgrade my Christmas crochet for home decor. I started with little things, such as my mini Christmas trees, moved on to a tree skirt and this year I am making some crochet Christmas baubles.

My goal is to slowly replace all of our Christmas tree ornaments with handmade ones. Not only crocheted, though.

I have a couple of embroidery ones that I purchased a kit from Etsy, plus some wooden ones that my friends made, and of course, I mustn’t forget my favorite macrame ones.

I hope that in the long list below you will find something you like and make for your home or loved ones this year.

Some of the projects are super quick, while others require time and patience.

Are you ready to dive into the most comprehensive Christmas crochet ideas list? Don’t forget to pin this post for your convenience if you don’t get to make all the things you would like this year.

I have also compiled a video for you if you prefer to watch it while crocheting.

Christmas Crochet Ideas for home decor

Crochet Christmas tree decor

For the most part I have included bauble patterns in this category, but there are many more items you could make for your Christmas tree decorations.

But I quickly realized just how huge this list was going to be so I decided to limit it a bit by including only baubles. There will be a more specific list in the future.

Crochet Christmas garlands

Well, you have more beautiful ways to decorate and fill your Christmas tree besides the standard baubles and it’s garlands.

Depending on the size you may place one all around your Christmas tree or above your mantel.

Crochet Christmas wreaths

But we mustn’t also forget about our front door. It’s probably the first place, if you don’t have a yard, that will demonstrate just how beautiful your house is decorated for the holidays.

The Christmas wreaths I included are very easy to make, and some don’t even require a crochet hook. It’s the perfect Christmas activity you can do with young kids.

Christmas stockings

You may have already seen this roundup post from me on crochet Christmas stockings, but I felt I should also include it in here in case you haven’t seen it before.

Christmas decor crochet

This one is probably a catch-all category as I have included anything from Christmas pillows to mini Christmas trees as decor, some kitchen crochet items as potholders and hot pads and more.

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Christmas tree skirts

I couldn’t have left out an integral part of crochet home decor. Christmas tree skirts are the perfect way to hide the bottom part of the tree while creating a beautiful scenery.

From vintage to modern, I bet you will find a tree skirt you’ll love.

Crochet Christmas blankets and throws

And last but not least, we have some amazing Christmas crochet blankets. I know these are more time consuming to make and probably you won’t have time to make any of these this year, but I didn’t want to leave them out.

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For now, just enjoy and pick one. Let me in the comments your favorite.

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From crochet Christmas tree skirts, to Christmas stockings, pillows, potholders and garlands, this list has everything you'll need to decorate your home these holiday season.

That was my Christmas home decor list for this year and I really hope you liked it. Thank you so much for sticking until the end, and please let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and which one you are planning on making first.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.