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35 Free Crochet Patterns for Bags and Totes

Amazing crochet patterns for bags for any season!

“I don’t need another bag”, said no woman ever. It’s the same as “I don’t need more yarn”, or “I won’t start a new project”.

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35 free crochet bags patterns for any style and any season.

From market bags to purses, cross-body bags and totes, you'll find your next crochet project on this list.

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And this bag addiction for women summarizes it all. Of course, you will get more yarn to start a new project which will be a crocheted bag!

Ok, to be fair, not all women share the same opinion about bags, or starting a new project, for that matter. So, I have compiled in this list some of the most amazing and free crochet patterns for bags and totes for any season.

What yarn to use?

Some of them will require you to get new yarn and some will be fine just with scraps and leftover yarn you have in your house.

Crochet bags are a great project for when the weather is warmer, like in the hot summer months, because they are usually small enough to carry around and you won’t get overheated when the project is on your lap.

Since crocheted bags usually do lots of heavy lifting, cotton yarn is perfect for any bag, summer or winter style.

The cleaning will be much easier, too.

More free crochet patterns you may like:

In order of appearance: The Milos shawl, the Raffia sun hat, and the Twisted Turban headband.

Having said that, I have successfully made and loved my Ava bag, with a wool blend yarn. Yes, I don’t wash it all that often, but due to the yarn and stitch used it holds up really well.

There are so many styles of bags out there that I didn’t want to limit myself – or you -, with the selection.

I’ve included as many styles as possible, from handbags to market bags, cross-body, purses, and tote bags.

Also, I plan on adding to this collection as time goes by and more crochet bag patterns will become available.

I usually tend to favor tote bags and shoulder bags over handbags, as they feel just easier to carry around. Plus, you can carry a lot more stuff in a tote bag than a handbag.

And when you have small kids this is not negotiable. And although I am absolutely in love with my crochet knot bag, I think gone are the days that I used to carry such a small bag.

It serves great as a project bag, though.

To find your next favorite bag project you can follow the list below or watch the video below while crocheting. 😉

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Free Crochet Patterns for Bags and Totes

What’s your favorite one? Share away in the comments below.

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Amazing and free crochet patterns for bags, totes, and purses. An extensive guide for crocheted bags for any season and style.

Find your next crochet make!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.