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Free crochet shawl pattern – The Plumeria shawl

Get summer-ready with the Plumeria crochet shawl pattern! A lacy crochet shawl perfect for warm weather.

Do you have to attend a formal event and you have no idea what to use a cover-up? The Plumeria shawl is a lightweight and lacy crochet shawl that can be even used in a wedding!

It has the perfect amount of coverage for those chilly summer nights that you just need a little something to cover your shoulders with. One can never have enough shawls, in my opinion. It’s the perfect accessory for layering + styling!

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Make this lightweight crochet shawl pattern to wear around your shoulders all summer long. It's crescent shape is perfect for just a little bit of layering but not too much to make you warmer. #crochetshawlpattern #easyshawltocrochet #lacycrochetshawl

With the use of simple crochet stitches like double and treble crochet, and chain spaces, you are going to create this lovely, girly, lacy effect. I’ve always thought that lacy stitches look so romantic! Don’t you?

Also, it features the cutest and simplest crochet edging for a shawl of it’s kind. It is made with simple single crochet stitches and picot stitches. If you don’t know how to make a picot, don’t worry! It’s really easy and I have a small photo tutorial to help you out with this one.

I have created a quite similar but exactly the same edging in my other crescent shawl pattern, the Dark matter shawl.

Lightweight crochet shawl pattern

Let’s have a look at the shaping of this super easy crochet shawl pattern for beginners. There are no messy increases and no counting, whatsoever. If you remember to place one increase on the first stitch of the row and one in the last you are good to go! Hello perfect Netflix crochet project.

By making only those two increases in each row, our quick crochet shawl takes it’s unique crescent form. Which means it’s going to have more width than depth. That’s going to be perfect for you when you want just a little something to cover your shoulders, but not too deep that will actually make you warmer, and hide your outfit.

Choosing the right yarn

The yarn I chose for this crochet shawl pattern is one I already had on hand in my stash from different other projects. I am always recommending to use what you already have and then go buy if nothing suitable appears in your stash search.

The one I used is a personal favorite of mine that I have used in my Celia baby blanket, and Last days of summer top. It’s the Shiny Happy cotton by Wool and the Gang and it’s the softest cotton yarn I have ever used. It is a worsted weight yarn so every project goes by quickly and painlessly.

How to get this crochet pattern:

  1. If you are looking for the free version, scroll down below.
  2. You can purchase the ad-free pdf for easy printing in any of my shops, below. Or…
  • You can sign up for my exclusive Members Area where you can get the entire Malloo pattern library for one small yearly fee. Enjoy crocheting from the comfort of your couch and never have to worry about paying full price for every premium pdf pattern. Click the image below to be pleasantly surprised.

The pdf also includes a chart if you are more of a visual learner and prefer this way of crocheting.

Get the bundle!

The Plumeria shawl crochet pattern is also a part of the Designer’s Pick for Summer pattern bundle and featured in the associated blog hop. Get your bundle and start making it right now! You can get all 33 patterns for 90% off the regular price.

Lacy crochet shawl

If it’s your first time ordering from Wool and the Gang and you would like to give their soft cotton a try you can click here and get 15% off, for your first order.

I have paired it with the wine colorway of We Are Knitters cotton for the border, which is also a worsted weight yarn. If you check the labels, those two yarns that are in the same weight category, have different meterage on each ball.

The We Are Knitters cotton has more meters per 100 grams, which makes it slightly thinner. I really didn’t mind since I was only going to use it for the border and wanted it to appear dainty. You can use the same yarn as for the main part of the shawl or something slightly lighter, if you want to make some stash-busting.

Crescent shawl


If nothing in you stash is appropriate for this project I have three recommendations for you below, that I believe will make a perfect fit for the Plumeria easy crochet shawl. There are two cottons and one with a bit of linen in that I desperately want to make for myself.

If you are a fan of wool though, and you would prefer to make this lacy crochet shawl to wear in autumn, then go ahead and use a worsted weight, category 4 wool yarn. It’s going to be perfect, too!

Comfy Worsted by Wecrochet
Pima Cotton by Lionbrand
Touch of linen by Lionbrand

Easy crochet shawl pattern

If you would like to see even more crochet shawl patterns free, you can check out my blog post with 53 amazing crochet shawls of all categories.

Whether you wanted a triangle, rectangular, tunisian, or even one skein shawl, this list has them all!

Quick crochet projects to make:


The pattern is written is standard US terms.

– This shawl is made from the top down, with increases in each side. The stitch count is increased by 9 stitches from R2 and onwards. In the final row there is only a 2 stitch increase, again in the sides of the shawl.

– A chain space is the space that is formed by chain stitches.

– I always love to start just about anything with a magic ring and that’s how I started this shawl, too. If you don’t want to use the magic ring method, just chain 3 and join with a slip stitch. The result will remain the same.

– A picot is made by chaining 3 on top of a single crochet stitch, and then slip stitching in the top bar and left leg of the single crochet. Photo tutorial below.


R: row
MR: Magic Ring
tr: treble crochet
dc: double crochet
RS: right side
WS: wrong side
MC: main color
CC: contrasting color
ch(s): chain(s)
st(s): stitch(es)
ch-sp: chain space
sc-pic: single crochet and picot stitch

Lacy shawl


Darning needle


US J/6.0 mm


3.5 shells sts x 6 rows OR 12 dc x 7 rows

I am giving you the option to measure your gauge in a flat sample with just double crochet stitches, as beginners may find this easier to measure.

how to crochet a shawl

Skill level: Intermediate

The only reason I classified this pattern as Intermediate is because it contains shell stitches. Almost all beginners with at least a couple of projects under their belt can make the Plumeria shawl.


Weight 4 cotton yarn• 360 yds, 330 m
Main Color: Jog Grey, Shiny Happy Cotton by Wool and the Gang, approximately 328 yds, 300 m
Contrasting Color: Wine, The Cotton by We Are Knitters, approximately 32 yds, 30 m


18.5″ x 67″ (47 x 170 cm)

Easy crochet shawl pattern

Plumeria – Free crochet shawl pattern

With MC

R1 (RS): MR, tr, 3 dc, tr in ring, close magic ring, turn (5)
R2 (WS): ch 3, 2 tr in first st, (dc, ch 2, dc), (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc), (dc, ch 2, dc), 2 tr in last st, turn. (17)
R3: ch 3, 2 tr in first st, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next tr, (2 dc, ch, 2 dc) in next ch2-sp, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next ch1-sp, (2 dc, ch, 2 dc) in next ch2-sp, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next tr, 2 tr in last tr, turn (26)
R4: ch 3, 2 tr in first st, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next tr, * (2dc, ch, 2 dc) in next ch2-sp, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next ch1-sp *, repeat from * to * until last ch2-sp, (2dc, ch, 2 dc) in last ch2-sp, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next tr, 2 tr in last st, turn (35)
R5-31: repeat R4

Note: The stitch count in R31 is 278 stitches.

R32: ch 1, 2 sc in first st, sc in each double crochet and ch-sp, until 1 st left, 2 sc in last st, turn (280)

Note: make one sc in ch1-spaces, and two sc in ch2-spaces.


Change to CC

R33: ch1, sc, sc-pic, * sc 3, sc-pic *, repeat from * to * until 1 st left, sc in last st (280 sc and 70 picot stitches).

Cut yarn and weave in all ends. You are done! Wasn’t that an easy shawl to crochet? Enjoy!

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Free crochet pattern for a crescent shape shawl with just basic crochet stitches. The Plumeria shawl is the perfect summer accessory and can also be worn as a wedding shawl. #weddingcrochetshawl #beginnercrochetshawl #quickcrochetshawlpattern #lacycrochetshawl

Want even more easy shawl patterns to crochet?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.