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Free crochet potholder pattern

Easy, modern and free crochet potholder pattern with two different looks!

I love slip stitch crochet! I believe that it creates such a nice and interest-looking outcome, but it’s not for everything.

Slip stitches, however loose you make them, tend to create a thick, dense fabric. Well, except for my Aberdeen shawl, which used the right combo of yarn and hook that creates a nice, drapey fabric, perfect for a shawl.

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Want an upgrade on your kitchen utencils? Make these crochet potholders with the free pattern provided. Extra thick and durable fabric using crochet slip stitch technique.

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Did you know that slip stitch crochet is also referred to as Bosnian crochet? It has two main ways of creating fabric by slip stitching in the front or the back loop. They also used a different hook which was flatter than the ones today.

Since it’s quite difficult to measure gauge in slip stitches because of their tendency to shrink, I won’t give you a row by row pattern this time.

I will give you all the instructions you are going to need to make your own crochet potholders, but you will have to do a little bit of measuring yourself. This way, you may turn up with your own personalised potholder.

Crochet potholder free pattern

I used a greek yarn brand this time that is actually local to my town. It is a strong durable mercerized cotton, which I held double throughout the project. That and the fact that the potholder is worked in the round, creates a very thick and dense fabric that is perfect for the job.

Choosing your own yarn:

Substituting yarn is going to be easy for this. I believe if you pick any worsted weight mercerized cotton you will be fine. Lionbrand 24/7 cotton and Dishie are great choices and they will work amazingly well for this pattern.

Cotton yarn

You will need:

yarn: Mercerized cotton held double
I used a greek brand but Lionbrand 24/7 cotton and Dishie are great choices for this pattern
hook: US I/5.50 mm (these are my favorite hooks)
yarn needle


R: round
sl st: slip stitch

Dimensions: 7.5” x 7.5” (19 x 19 cm)

Free crochet potholder pattern

The dark grey crochet potholder uses regular slip stitches as we all know them. But I bet you haven’t ever tried to do so many of them to see the beautiful texture they create.

The mustard crochet potholder uses slip stitches in the front loop only. This also creates a nice interlocking effect, which I believe looks great in two colors, worked in the round. The top part of my Maja basket is worked this way.

Pro tip: Every time you work with slip stitches make sure to keep your tension loose. You won’t be able to get your hook inside the stitch if you crochet tightly. Use a bigger hook if needed, to achieve a smoother result and easier crocheting time.

Let me walk you through the instructions…

Dark grey crochet potholder

Color A is dark grey and color B is mustard.

Start with color A.

Dark grey crochet potholder

Leave a really long tail of yarn before you begin. You will use it to sew the bottom of your potholder at the end.

R1: ch 60, sl st to join in the round. You may place a stitch marker in this first stitch (the one you joined) to keep track of rounds but it’s not necessary. The really long tail of yarn you left at the beginning will be a great reminder on where your start of round is. It will be of great help, though when you are changing colors and finishing your project.

For the first round, work in the back bumps of the initial chain. This creates a nice, smooth edge that will be very easy to sew. The same applies for both pothloders.

Keep making regular slip stitches in each stitch around for about 1.5” (4 cm).

Change to color B and make 2 rounds with the same slip stitches. Change back to color A when you finish those two round and keep making slip stitches for about 4.75” (12 cm).

Change back to color B and make two more rounds. Finally, change to color A and make slip stitches for about 1.5” (4 cm). FO and again, leave a really long tail to sew the top of the potholder.

Make sure you are making your final slip stitch at the same point as your long tail from the beginning of the project. This will ensure that your project will be sewn straight and not croocked.

Now, I know that both sides of the potholder will fold outwards when you are crocheting, thus, making it difficult to measure your piece. The best advice I can give you is this: Ask for help. Make someone keep your piece straight while you measure.

I didn’t and let me tell you what happened on the second potholder. You see that grey line in the middle? What? It’s not in the middle? Well, it was supposed to be! My measurement was a little(?) off and the line just wound up there.

But I actually liked it better this way, so I let it be. And let me tell you, me not wanting to frog anything to redo and make perfect is a big thing. I love frogging! Weird? Ok! I don’t mind.

Sewing crochet potholder

So, you can follow my example and design your own potholder, slightly different that mine or ask for help and perfectly place your line in the middle.

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Mustard crochet potholder

Color A is mustard and color B is dark grey.

Start with color A.

Mustard crochet potholder

Leave a really long tail of yarn before you begin. You will use it to sew the bottom of your potholder at the end.

R1: ch 70, sl st in back bump of the first chain, place a stitch marker and continue sl st in the back bumps only for one round.

Next you will change and make slip stitches in the front loop only for about 4.5” (11.5 cm).

Change to color B and make slip stitches for 3 rounds. This is about 1” (2.5 cm).

Change back to color A and continue to make slip stitches in the front loop only for about 2” (5 cm).

Fasten off and leave again a really long tail of yarn to sew the top of the potholder.

That’s it! You are ready to bake!

Crochet potholder free pattern


You will need to sew both the bottom and upper part of the crochet potholder since you are working in a tube. I hope you have followed my instructions and left a really long tail of yarn on both ends. This eliminates the need to add new yarn for sewing.

I just used the regular whip stitch for sewing both ends and I liked the result very much. Just make sure you insert your needle under both loops of both stitches, as seen in the photo below.

Sewing the potholder

Well, what do you say? Are you ready to try some slip stitching to make some extra thick crochet potholders?

Crochet potholder set free pattern


This time the free crochet pattern on my blog is sponsored. Not sponsored in a way that I received money or yarn for this project, but sponsored as an inspiration and idea. 

This free crochet pattern is dedicated to Rebecca, who although has been fighting her own battles, is up and well, and always so kind, and gracious, and encouraging. 

So, in a way to help spread some of her kindness to the world, I am dedicating this pattern to my lovely subscriber, Rebecca. Be always well, my dear!

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Free crochet potholder pattern with a minimal and modern look. Two different looks with a simple change in pattern will get you two different outcomes. Which one will your try?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.