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35 Free Crochet Headband Patterns for any season

Easy and free crochet headband patterns for women and little girls for any season!

Crochet headbands are the perfect project for beginners. They are small in size and can be a great practice for new stitches.

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35 free crochet headband patterns for any season and any style. Pick your next project from this comprehensive list of stylish ear warmers.

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They also give a sense of accomplishment since they can be finished on the same day by anyone who devotes the time.

In this list, you will find many different styles, from lacy headbands that are perfect for spring/summer months to chunky crochet ear warmers for winter.

Ear warmers can also be used for those who love to run outdoors in the colder months and need something to keep their ears from freezing.

A hat isn’t always suitable for running because of the danger of body overheating. It can be used, though, in extremely cold weather conditions.

How to crochet a headband?

A crochet headband can be made in many ways. You can crochet a rectangle and then sew the edges or work straight in the round with the correct circumference in mind.

Depending on the stitch you are going to use, you can either work from the short side of the rectangle or the long side.

When working in the round, you are going to place one row on top of the other to complete your ear warmer headband.

Which is the best stitch for an ear warmer?

Although there’s no such thing as the perfect stitch, you’ll have to pay close attention to the behavior of each stitch pattern and yarn.

There are crochet stitches that tend to have more elasticity than others and this will affect the final size of your headband.

If you choose to make your headband with a stitch that tends to stretch a lot, like a crochet ribbing, you might need to make your final circumference smaller than usual as the stitch is going to stretch to cover for the loss in cm/inches.

On the other hand, if your chosen stitch is quite rigid, like a slip stitch, you might end up with a smaller headband that won’t fit your head if you don’t provide extra room.

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How big should a crochet headband be?

The circumference of a crochet headband is usually 1-2” (2.5-5 cm) smaller than the recipient’s head. Again, this heavily depends on the stitch you are going to use.

What yarn to use for a crochet ear warmer headband?

It depends on the season you will like to wear your headband. If you are going for a winter theme then choose merino wool or acrylic.

They are both washable and warm, which makes them perfect for a winter crochet headband.

Cotton and bamboo are going to be your friends for lacy projects and spring/summer headbands.

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You can leave your headband plain or add some embellishments and decorations if that’s your thing. Buttons look amazing on headbands and you always have the option to add crochet flowers, leaves, or bows to your ear warmer.

Are you ready to make some cute crochet headbands? You can watch the video below, or follow along the list. Let’s jump right in!

Free Crochet Headband Patterns

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Meet 35 stylish crochet ear warmer patterns. From lace headbands for girls to chunky crochet ear warmers for winter, you're about to find your next project in this list.

Which one of these crochet headband patterns are you going to make first? Which one is your favorite?

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