Crochet cup cozy free pattern


For years we wanted to get an espresso machine! It was a small luxury for us back then so we get postponing it. Finally last year we got one! I, then, went out and bought two of this cute little glass cups for me and my husband, and of course, the first thing that went through my mind was to make a crochet cup cozy!


Crochet pattern | espresso cup cozy free patternThe cups were cute enough by themselves but very… well, naked. Although I wanted to make one right away but didn’t get around it, until now. As the fall is approaching and we have many long weekends by the fireplace ahead of us, I thought it was about time! So, with no further a due, I present to you the espresso cup cozy free pattern!

Espresso cup cozy free pattern


I used a stitch that I learned recently and fell in love with! It is called “mini bean stitch” and it is very easy and has lots of texture. If you are not familiar with this stitch, don’t worry. I have a small tutorial for you right here.

Normally for this stitch, you make a chain multiple of 2 plus 1. For my cup cozy I chained 21 (20 chains plus 1), but you can add or subtract multiples of 2 if you need it bigger or smaller. My cup measures 2,5 inches (6 cm) at its widest part.


Insert hook in the third chain from hook.


Yarn over and pull up a loop.


Yarn over and insert hook in the same spot.


Yarn over and pull up a loop. You now have 4 loops on your hook.


Yarn over and pull through all loops on your hook. That is your first bean stitch. Now, ch 1, skip 1 chain and repeat until the end of row.


Make one more mini bean stitch in your last chain.


Ch 2 and turn your work. You will NOT work the mini bean stitch on the ch1 of the previous row, but on the side of the stitch. See that hole? That is where the mini bean stitches are going to be.


Insert hook on the side of the stitch.


And complete one mini bean stitch as usual.


Ch1 and continue. That is not actually the second row of the pattern, just a demonstration of where the bean stitches should go.


That is how the mini bean stitches look when you make a few rows.


Materials you will need:

Yarn: I used Rico Basic Super Big Tweed but any aran weight yarn will do
Hook: US 6/ 4 mm
Yardage: small amount of aran weight yarn
gauge: 16 st and 12 rows is 4 inches in hdc
¾ inch (2cm) button


Ch= chain
bs= bean stitch
st(s)= stitch(es)
sc= single crochet
sk= skip
bs inc= bean stitch increase

Special stitches:

Bean stitch: insert hook in indicated stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and insert in the same spot again, yarn over and pull up a loop. You now have 4 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all loops on your hook.

Bs inc: The bean stitch increase is that you just make another bean stitch in the same spot. Bs, ch 1, bs, ch 1 all in the same spot. If your espresso cup is the same diameter from top to bottom you will not have to do increases.

Note: At the end of each row you just make the bean stitch and do ch 1. Instead, you ch 2 and turn your work. Which also means that when a bs inc is at the end of a row you make bs, ch1, bs, ch 2 and turn.

Crochet cup cozy pattern

R1: ch 21, bs in third chain from hook, ch 1, sk 1 ch, * bs, ch 1, sk 1 ch * , repeat from * to * across, ch 2, turn (10 beans)

R2: bs inc, bs in the next 3 st(s), bs inc, bs in next 4 st(s), bs inc, ch 2, turn (13 beans)

R3: bs in each st across, ch 2, turn (13 beans)

R4: bs inc, bs in next 5 st(s), bs inc, bs in next 5 st(s), bs inc, ch 2, turn (16 beans)

R5: bs in each st across, ch 2, turn (16 beans)

R6: bs in each st across

When you get to the end of row 6 do not ch2 but continue with the following.

Ch 12, sc 8 in the side of your project, ch 1, sc 8 on the other side of each project, sl st and cut you yarn. This will connect the two sides together. See picture below for more details on this.


Ch 12.


Make a sc next to ch 12.


Continue with 7 more sc on the side of your work.


When you get to the end ch 1 and grab the other end of your work. Continue with 8 sc on this side, too. Sl st and cut the yarn.


This is how the back should look like. Sew the button near the corner of the left side of the fabric, opposite of the ch 12 loop.


That’s it! Weave in the ends and you are done!

That a was a super quick and easy project to make, wasn’t it? When you get a hang of the bean stitch you can make that crochet cup cozy in a matter of minutes. Great stocking stuffer for that espresso loving colleague or your kid’s teachers.

Espresso cup cozy free pattern

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