Crochet cup cozy free pattern

Cup cozies, besides being useful to hold our hot, take out coffee is also a great way to practice new stitches. Small projects such as the coffee cup cozy are a great way for beginners to learn a new stitch and practice crochet while making something useful.

One of my greater interests is to create crochet items that look knit. This cup cozy uses two of my favorite crochet stitches that do exactly that. Looking knit!

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Make this crochet coffee cup cozy hold your take away coffee in style! Great project for beginners, free crochet pattern cup cozy.

The first one is the camel stitch or half double crochet in the third loop. When I first saw that stitch in a hat, it was love at first sight. I can even say that my love for crochet stitches that look knit begun with this stitch. If you are not familiar with the camel stitch, I provide a tutorial on where to find the third loop, in this post.

The second stitch we are going to use today is slip stitch crochet. Slip stitch crochet creates a nice tight fabric and looks great when you want to make ribbing. This is the stitch I used in my crochet pumpkins that look knit. As you can see, there is a pattern forming here. I told you, I love the knit look!

Let’s jump in the pattern, then!

Free crochet pattern | Crochet cup cozy pattern

You are going to need:

Small amount of aran weight yarn (approximately 32 yds -30m)
US K – 6.5 mm crochet hook
yarn needle

Gauge: 6 st and 6 rows is 2 inches in hdc in the third loop only


Fhdc: foundation half double crochet
ch(s): chain(s)
hdc: half double crochet
sl st(s): slip stitch(es)
blo: back loop only
flo: front loop only

Cup cozy  crochet pattern

R1: Fhdc 25 (or ch 26, hdc in the second ch from hook and in all ch(s)), sl st to join, ch 1
R2-4: hdc in the third loop only in each st around, sl st to join, ch 1

In the last round, do not cut yarn and ch 4 instead of 1. You will continue with the ribbing.

Crochet coffee cup cozy free pattern


R1: ch 4, sl st in second ch from hook in the back bumps in the next 3 ch(s), sl st in the next hdc of round 4, turn, do not ch 1.

R2: ignore the first stl st (the one on the hdc of the previous round), sl st in blo in the next 3 sl st(s), ch 1, turn

R3: sl st in flo in the next 3 sl st(s), sl st in the next hdc of round 4, turn, do not ch 1.

R4-52: repeat rows 2 and 3 until you make a full round. In the last row join with sl st(s) with the first row as you go down or finish and sew. Cut yarn.

An easy way to remember the ribbing is that every time you are going up you will sl st in the blo. And every time you are going down, you will sl st in the flo.

Join the yarn again on the bottom side of your cup cozy and repeat the ribbing.

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Crochet cup cozy free pattern. Easy, free crochet pattern, great for beginners. Coffee cup cozy free pattern.

That’s it! Weave in all your ends and you are done! Enjoy your new crochet cup cozy and use the hashtag #malloomakers on Instagram to show of your new creation!

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