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Crescent shawl crochet pattern – The Dark matter shawl

Romantic crochet crescent shawl that will steal your heart.

And it’s time for the final shawl of the year! As I have mentioned before from the month of June onwards I released a brand new crochet shawl pattern every other month.

I really hope you aren’t tired of them because my head is full of new ideas for crochet and knitted shawls of every shape.

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Simple crochet stitches and a picot edging make a lightweight crochet shawl that you can easily wear as a scarf around your neck.

Get the free crochet pattern for the Dark Matter shawl and enjoy the repetitive motion of single crochet and chain stitches as you work your way through.
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There’s always something magical in my opinion when wearing a shawl. It reminds me of older times when women wore cute dresses and long skirts all the time.

Or it’s just that I am always cold and love to carry a shawl to wrap around my shoulders at any given moment. Yes, even in the summer.

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Crochet crescent shawl

The Plumeria shawl is dedicated to the chill summer nights, and my ribbed square shawl is the one I reach out to when it’s very cold outside.

The Dark Matter shawl is somewhere in between. Not as thick as the ribbed shawl and definitely not as light as the Plumeria shawl.

The crescent-shaped shawls are becoming my favorite because I love the added length in the wingspan without having too much depth that will cover your waist.

The Dark Matter crochet shawl

That makes them ideal for wearing around your neck, or inside of a jacket as a big scarf without having to deal with the huge point of a triangle scarf.

But, again, it all depends on the way you would like to style it.

More free crochet shawl patterns:

From left to right: The square ribbed shawl, the Plumeria shawl, and the beginner triangle shawl.

The perfect yarn for a crescent shawl

The yarn is kindly provided by We Crochet, and it’s the thing that also gave me the inspiration for the project.

This means I first chose the yarn and then started thinking of what I would actually make out of it.

It’s called Hawthorne Tonal Hand Painted and is a fingering weight yarn of 80% superwash wool and 20% polyamide.

While it’s definitely not my favorite blend combo, as I prefer more natural yarns, the colors were too stunning to pass.

You can clearly see that once again I chose the darker tones I could find in the shades of brown.

In retrospect, I could have chosen just two of them, as the two shades are very similar, but this way you can envision if you would like to make your shawl with two or three colors.

Fingering weight crochet shawls

When I first started crocheting back in 2012, there was this rumor going around that fingering weight yarn was only meant for knitting.

And to me, as a brand new crocheter, the fine thread of #1 yarn category seemed, well, like a thread and not yarn.

Crescent shawl pattern

As the years passed, my skills grew, and I kept admiring these fine skeins of usually multi-colored, hand-dyed, speckled yarn.

At one point more and more crocheters started using these beautiful skeins and producing fantastic patterns.

The thing with crochet is, that it usually produces a denser fabric than knitting, so trying out lighter yarns would definitely help with the drape.

Crochet fingering weight shawl

I believe that this myth is fully dissolved now, as more and more crocheters are making new patterns, including amazing fingering weight yarn shawls, cardigans, hats, etc.

I also find it so much easier to go up a hook size -or two- instead of using bigger needles with the same yarn. The nature of crocheting allows it.

So, if you haven’t tried fingering weight yarn before, I highly suggest you try it out and see that there’s nothing to fear about.

Easy crochet shawl pattern

The stitch pattern

The Linen (or Moss stitch) creates a really nice fabric, with much more drape than standard single crochet.

I believe that the chain stitches that break the monotony of plain single crochet make the project go much faster.

Such a simple and at the same time such an elegant stitch. And I think it works really well with the Hawthorne tonal yarn from We Crochet.

You will need:

Yarn: Hawthorne Tonal Hand painted fingering weight yarn (it’s actually on sale right now!)

Fingering weight category #1 • Hawthorne tonal hand-painted, approximately 1070 yds (980 m)

Color A: Rockaway 357 yds (326 m)
Color B: Newport 357 yds (326 m)
Color C: Grant Pass 357 yds (326 m)

Crochet hook: US 7/4.50 mm
yarn needle

Linen stitch crochet shawl


– The pattern is written in standard US terms.

– You don’t have to cut and rejoin the colors in the stripe section. Just carry them on the side.

– This is a crescent-shaped shawl worked from top to bottom, with a simple single crochet edging.

– Every row is increased by 4 sts. Two sc and two ch1-sp per row. Each increase takes place in the first and last st of the row.

Fast and free crochet hat patterns to enjoy:

From left to right: Baby bear hat, super simple slouch hat, double pom newborn hat.


R: row
RS: right side
WS: wrong side
MR: magic ring
ch1-sp: chain 1 space
sc: single crochet
st(s): stitch(es)
inc: increase
sl st: slip stitch
FO: fasten off

Easy crochet shawl pattern free

GAUGE (4 x 4″)

20 sts x 20 rows in sc or
24 sts x24 rows in pattern

I am giving the gauge in both plain single crochet stitches and the gauge in the specific stitch pattern.

You can check either one of them to see where you are at. Just please remember to make it at least 6”-8” (15-20 cm) big to get accurate results.


18″ x71″ (46×180 cm)

How to get the Dark Matter shawl:

  • If you are looking for the free crescent shawl crochet pattern, scroll down below.
  • You can purchase the ad-free pdf for easy printing in any of my shops. Or…
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Click the image below to learn more.

Crochet crescent shawl pattern

With color A

R1 (RS): MR, [sc, ch 1] x3, sc, ch 1, turn (4 sc and 3 ch1-sp)
R2 (WS): (sc, ch 1, sc) in first sc, sk next ch1-sp, ch 1, * sc, ch 1 * in next ch1-sp, repeat from * to * in all ch1-sp, (sc, ch1, sc) in last sc, ch1, turn (6 sc and 5 ch1-sp)
R3-46: repeat R2
Change to color B, do not FO color A
R47-48: repeat R2, do not FO color B
Change to color A
R49-50: repeat R2
Change to color B
R51-52: repeat R2
Change to color A
R53-54: repeat R2
Change to color B
R55-56: repeat R2, FO color B
Change to color A

Free crochet shawl pattern

R57-68: repeat R2 FO color A
Change to color B
R69-84: repeat R2 do not FO color B
Change to color C
R85-86: repeat R2 do not FO color C
Change to color B
R87-88: repeat R2
Change to color C
R89-90: repeat R2, FO color C
Change to color B
R91-96: repeat R2
In R96 you should have 194 sc and 193 ch1-sp.
Change to color C
R97: sc inc in first sc, sc in each ch1-sp and sc st across until 1 st left, sc inc in last sc, ch 1, turn
R98-110: sc inc, sc in each st across until 1 st left, sc inc in last st, ch 1, turn
In R110 you should have 415 sc

Free crochet pattern for shawl

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R111: sc inc, sc 2, ch 4, sl st in third ch from hook, ch 1, sc 4, * sc 4, ch 4, sl st in third ch from hook, ch 1, sc 4 * repeat from * to * 49 more times, sc 4, ch 4, sl st in third ch from hook, ch 1, sc 4, do not cut the yarn (416 sc)

You will continue with sc across the top edge of the shawl evenly, approximately 1 sc per sc row, but please use your best judgment. We want the top edge of the shawl to be stretchy. Making less single crochet than needed will cause your shawl edge to be less flexible. Slip stitch in the first sc made and FO.

Weave in all ends and you are done! Don’t forget to block your new shawl and enjoy!

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The Dark matter shawl is a romantic crochet crescent shawl that will steal your heart.

Crescent shawls are ideal for wearing around your neck, or inside of a jacket as a big scarf without having to deal with the huge point of a triangle scarf. #freecrochetshawlpattern #crochetcrescentshawl

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Sunday 31st of December 2023

Hello, I was hoping maybe you could help me. I am about thirty rows in and my "crescent" looks like a triangle with the starting row as the peak and the working edge as the base. I am not sure what went wrong, if anything. Some progress pictures would be helpful, especially for the beginning. Will this shape work out into the crescent as I add on to it, or did I do something wrong? Thanks.


Thursday 18th of January 2024

Hi Morgan! Don't worry! This is correct. It will take shape eventually as you keep adding more rows. You can send me a photo of your project to take a look if you'd like.

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