Beginner triangle shawl free crochet pattern

It is March already and that means spring is here to stay! And spring means layers. It is the time of the year that we get rid of our winter coats but it is not that hot yet. You need a little something to cover your shoulders with.

Shawls don’t have to be a thing of the past or a garment that only grannies use to wear. They can be trendy and stylish and they are so many out there that you might not know where to begin with. Well, if you are a new crocheter you can start with this one! The beginner triangle shawl is here just for you!

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Beginner triangle shawl free crochet pattern. Easy crochet shawl pattern.

This crochet triangle shawl was created with the beginner in mind. As I said, there are so many out there, extremely beautiful shawls. Most of them are knit with intricate stitches but the number of crochet ones increases by the day.

Free crochet triangle shawl pattern.

I wanted every new crocheter to feel confident to make such a big project, without doubting themselves. That is why the pattern uses only double crochet stitches and chains. Ok, and some single crochet, and nothing else. I promise!

Beginner triangle shawl pattern

And when I say big project, I mean it! The beginner triangle shawl is approximately 60 inches (152 cm) wide and 38 inches (97 cm) tall. The truth is that you could make it smaller if you like, you can stop at any point, but why would you? Go big!

The yarn was once again, so kindly, provided by the nice folks at Hobium Yarns. We are talking about the Gazzal Nordic Lace which is a wool and acrylic chainette yarn. It is soft and hairy, and it has the most beautiful heather tones! This was the fact that won for me.

Crochet shawl pattern

I loved that the color was not solid and you can pick one color for your crochet shawl and you will end with a glimmering result. That is also the reason why I chose such simples stitches and design. The yarn does all the work for me!

You really can’t tell from my photos how beautiful this yarn is! I would definitely recommend it for making your shawl.

Crochet pattern triangle shawl

Are you ready to make your own Beginner Triangle Shawl? Head over to the Hobium Yarns blog and get your free copy!

Free crochet triangle shawl pattern

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Free triangle shawl crochet pattern. Easy crochet shawl pattern, great for beginners.

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16 thoughts on “Beginner triangle shawl free crochet pattern

  1. This looks fairly simple to me but I guess I am lost on the increase part it would be better if maybe there was a picture of that area so I can understand it better.

  2. Janice, after your turn and chain 2 you will have a spot where the chain 2 comes from. Increase would be to dc 2 into that same spot. Hope this helps!

  3. About how many Skeins of yawn did this take? I know it’s been a while, but it’d be good to know how much to buy?

  4. Where do I find the pattern?
    If I’m not using the yarn you mentioned, how much yarn do I need? In oz? Or yards?

    1. You will click the link for the Hobium yarns blog to find the free pattern or you can purchase the pdf on Etsy or Ravelry. This link is on the menu. You will find all the info there. 😉

  5. Hey there! Thanks for the awesome pattern. In case anyone else got stuck like I did, I wanted to mention that in the pattern where it says “you will end up with 146 stitches total in row 41,” I think it should say 246. I was super puzzled trying to figure out how to make 146 work but then realized that would only be like 20-something rows. When I finally did the math, I realized 246 is the 41st multiple of 6.

    Hope that’s helpful – and thank you again! My mom is going to love her new shawl!

  6. This is my first shawl and I live the ease of the pattern! I’m just changing it up a bit and adding 5 rows of hdc every 10 rows to have a bit of variety. I’m using Lion Brand Mandela Ombre Mantra Yarn, but still with a K hook. So far it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for this pattern!

  7. I have some beautiful yarn I’d like to use for a shawl but it is a chunky weight 5. Do you think this pattern would still work? TIA!

    1. Yes, it would but you will end up with a larger and heavier shawl. You can stop at any time you like the size, though. Give it a try!

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