Crochet christmas ornaments – free pattern roundup

Free pattern roundup for the most beautiful crochet Christmas ornaments.


My favorite time of the year is approaching and I couldn’t be happier! What is this, I hear you ask? Christmas of course! I can’t resist the joyful festive spirit that is in the air. I love Christmas lights, all the decorations around the house, cookies with chocolate by the fireplace… And if it snows a little bit, I wouldn’t complain… 😉

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Crochet christmas tree pattern


Since I am in the last months of my pregnancy I decided not to do any garments for this period of time. Well, except one. Which I will reveal it in a later post, so stay tuned.

So, what to do? Home décor of course! And since Christmas is maybe my favorite holiday of the year and it’s right around the corner, I give you crochet Christmas trees!!!

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15 awesome crochet slouchy hat patterns

Check out these awesome and free crochet slouchy hat patterns.

November is here and the colder months are just outside our doorstep. It’s time to crochet your favorite hat for the season.

Slouchy hats are always my go-to when it comes to everyday activities. They are usually not tight at all, which means you can wear them for hours at a time. Also, they tend to have a nice drape and a casual look, making them perfect for morning or afternoon outings.

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How to boost your etsy sales for your crochet shop

Boost your etsy sales and traffic for your crochet shop


If you are reading this blog it can only mean one of two things. You are either a crochet lover and you are here because you enjoy the free patterns and the inspiration behind this blog about your favorite hobby, or a fellow designer who is actively engaged with the yarn-related community.

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Baby bear crochet newborn hat pattern

Baby bear crochet newborn hat


One of the easiest projects you are going to make in your life is any crochet newborn hat. They are great for practicing and they are so small that will give you the satisfaction of completing a project.

Babies will look good in anything! That’s a fact! But a baby bear hat? Cuteness overload!

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How to make a diy yarn bowl – crochet pattern and tutorial

Yarn bowl crochet pattern and tutorial.


Owning a yarn bowl is always useful! I know most of us think that there are just another pretty addition to our addiction, but let me tell you otherwise. If you were ever crocheting on your couch and you had your yarn rolling around the house, only to collect dust, guess what. There is actually a way to stop that from happening. Yarn bowls!

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