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35 Free Crochet Cup Cozy Patterns

From coffee sleeves to crochet cup cozy patterns and more for your hot or cold beverage.

It’s official! Crocheters are mad people. We make crochet stuff for just about anything. All jokes aside, when you are into a craft like crochet, endless possibilities flow in your mind about your next make.

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Free crochet cup cozy patterns for hot or cold drinks. In this roundup post you'll find anything to enjoy your favorite beverage (hot or cold) and even ice cream!

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It’s not a bad thing that we can turn this possibility and turn it into reality. In something very practical like a coffee cup cozy. I’ve also heard the word koozie, so correct me if I am wrong, and tell me which one you use in your country.

So, getting back on track. Have you ever struggled with a hot take-out coffee? I know I do. I always drink my coffee hot and sometimes these takeout coffee cups are way too thin. Ouch!

And don’t let me mention how much I hate having something really cold to hold in my hands.

So, there’s only a couple of things you can do about that. You can either get yourself a reusable coffee cup or crochet a cozy for your coffee cup.

Well, I hear you ask. Can I just buy the cup cozy? Of course not! Where’s the fun in that?

Maybe you just want to use your favorite mug in the house or hold your ice cream pint without your heart freezing out.

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The solution to all of these problems is down below. I have compiled a list of 35 free crochet cup cozy patterns, but I have not limited it to just coffee cup sleeve patterns.

Here you’ll find crochet cozies for your mug, takeout coffee cup, can cozies for your cold beverage in the summer, plus my new favorite, an ice cream cozy pattern.

How to crochet a coffee sleeve?

Crochet coffee sleeves can be made in the round or flat and sewn later on. The cup cozies that are made in the round are usually faster and you can try it on your cup as you go for a perfect fit.

Did you know that you can make a crochet cup cozy with a bottom? That would be an excellent choice for an ice cream cozy or for your cold beverages in general.

This way they can serve as coasters, too, and they won’t leave those ugly rings on your table. How cool is that?

Crochet mug cozy + coffee sleeve pattern from the blog:

In order of appearance: Espresso cup cozy, crochet cup cozy pattern.

What is the best yarn for a crochet mug cozy?

I would choose between cotton and acrylic. You can find both in an array of colors and weights, and they are both machine washable.

Did I mention that crochet cup or mug cozies are perfect for small gifts and are amazing stash-busters?

You can use leftover yarn from different other projects and create something beautiful. They require so little of your time and resources and I bet you can do a bunch of them in an afternoon to gift or to sell.

They are also a great way to practice new stitches and learn new things.

Without further ado, I give you 35 free crochet cup cozy patterns to suit your need for any beverage. Dive into the list or watch the quick video instead.

Free crochet cup cozy patterns

I hope you enjoyed this roundup post and found many crochet cup cozy patterns you’ll want to make this season.

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35 Free Crochet Cup Cozy patterns that are not limited to coffee. In this roundup I give you choices about coffee sleeves, mug cozies, ice cream cozies and more...

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.